18 Things the Bible Says You Shouldn’t Do

Many of us read the Bible, but we don’t absorb the true message. There are many wonderful messages in the Holy Book, but we ignore most of them. In this article, we look at 18 of these messages and what we can learn from them.


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According to the Gospel Coalition, hypocrisy is not the gap between doing and feeling; it’s the gap between public persona and private character. In short, hypocrisy is the failure to practice what you preach. It prevents us from taking on the responsibility of living up to the reputations we want to have.


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Idolatry goes beyond the worship of carved images or false gods; it includes prioritizing material wealth, possessions, or even the pursuit of power over our spiritual commitments. When we allow these things to take over our lives, we stray from the path that the Bible sets for us.


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Envy happens when we want what someone else has so much that it makes us unhappy. We might feel bitter if someone else succeeds or has something we desire. Instead of being envious, it’s healthier to focus on being thankful for what we have and to be happy for others’ success. Everyone’s journey is different, and it’s best to concentrate on our own path.


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Pride involves thinking you’re better than others, not admitting when you’re wrong, and not accepting help or advice. When someone is full of pride, they might miss opportunities to learn and grow because they think they already know everything. Lead Change Group recommends being aware of the problem as a first step to being more humble.


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It’s important to find a balance between rest and activity to live a fulfilling life. If we don’t try to help others or improve ourselves, we miss out on many good opportunities. You don’t have to work yourself to death. Woman’s Day says that “the Bible only encourages you to try the best you can at the given moment you are facing.”


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Dishonesty is strongly discouraged in the Bible. Whether it’s lying, being deceitful in business dealings, or spreading false information about others, these actions can lead to harm and mistrust. The Bible urges us to avoid dishonesty and to embrace truthfulness, which fosters trust and healthy relationships among people.


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The Bible views adultery as a serious offense that damages the sacred relationship between married couples. It’s not just about physical acts of unfaithfulness in marriage; it includes having lustful thoughts toward someone who isn’t your spouse and engaging in emotional connections that betray a special bond.


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Greed, as depicted in the Bible, is a powerful force that can lead individuals away from living a morally upright life. It manifests in various forms, such as the selfish accumulation of wealth, exploiting others for personal gain, and perpetual dissatisfaction with what one possesses.


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Hatred is talked about in the Bible as a destructive emotion that can lead to resentment, acts of violence, and even conflict within communities. However, the Bible offers a powerful solution: love and forgiveness. By choosing to love and forgive, we can overcome feelings of hatred and work toward harmony and understanding.


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Gluttony is eating or drinking too much or being wasteful. This can lead to ignoring what our body really needs and missing out on being healthy and strong. Moderation is a good thing, as it allows us to take better care of ourselves and the world around us.


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Wrath can hurt people and lead to regrettable decisions. Instead of holding on to anger, the Bible suggests seeking peace and trying to forgive. Letting go of anger and working toward understanding can help heal relationships and bring peace to our lives. It’s always better to choose love over anger.


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Stealing includes cheating or tricking someone, or not giving someone what they’re supposed to get. When people steal, it hurts trust and goes against the idea of being fair and just. It’s important to remember that taking something without permission is wrong because it can damage relationships and the way people live together.

Dishonoring Parents

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Disobeying or disrespecting your parents, neglecting family duties, or not taking care of them when they’re old is considered dishonoring them. Honoring your parents is very important for a well-organized society. It shows respect and gratitude for the sacrifices they make. This value helps in building strong family bonds and ensures that care and respect are passed down through generations.

Breaking Promises

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The Bible emphasizes the importance of being honest and keeping promises. When someone breaks their promises, it shows a lack of integrity and trustworthiness. Keeping your word is crucial for building trust and strong relationships with others. You never know when you’ll need someone’s help.


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Knowing Jesus Ministries says that even though drinking alcohol isn’t a sin, it’s not necessary, either. Drunken behavior leads to losing control and making bad decisions. Being drunk can cause harm to oneself and others, and it prevents people from living responsibly.

Sorcery and Witchcraft

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Sorcery and witchcraft are practices that try to control or manipulate through supernatural means outside of God. This includes using common acts like horoscopes or divination. The Bible warns against these practices because they try to take power in ways that should belong only to God.


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Divisiveness creates problems and fights among people without a good reason. This starts when someone makes others argue and disagree, often about what they believe in, or if they just like to fight a lot. Instead of making trouble, it’s better to try to get along with others and keep things peaceful.

Neglecting the Needy

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This happens when individuals don’t care or help those who are suffering and instead only think about their own comfort. The Bible teaches that it’s important to be kind and help those who need it. Showing love and support to people who are struggling is one way to make the world a better place.

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