17 Things the Older Generation Does Better Than Young People

While it may not be spoken about often enough, there are many things that the older generation does better than the younger generation. Discover these 17 things, uncovering the wisdom, experience, and unique qualities older adults bring to various aspects of life.

Casting a Ballot

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As reported by U.S. News, those aged 65 and older typically have the highest voter turnout of all age groups when it comes to elections. The older generation also openly and consistently demonstrates political engagement, valuing their right to vote. This may be due to the historical struggles faced to achieve this right​.

Waking Up Early

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It’s no secret that teens and young adults love to sleep in. Older adults, however, have a tendency to rise early and get started with the day much faster. The Sleep Foundation states that “normal sleep changes in older adults include going to sleep and waking up earlier,” which coincides with their preference for completing tasks in the morning.

Taking Evaluated Risks

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With age comes experience, and more experience leads to better risk assessment. The wisdom that older adults have gained from their life experiences aids in their decision-making, meaning they are less likely to make impulsive decisions​ that they end up regretting.

Living Without Internet

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The Science and Media Museum states that “by 1995, the internet and the World Wide Web were established phenomena.” This was less than 30 years ago, meaning many older adults have lived a significant portion of their lives without it. Consequently, the older generation has the ability to enjoy activities without the need for digital distractions and can be more present in the moment​.

Appreciating Life’s Small Joys

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Finding happiness in the simple things is something that older adults excel at. They’re able to recognize and value small moments of joy, and they tend to savor experiences​ more than younger generations do. This may be due to the fact that perspectives and priorities seem to change with age.

Sharing Wisdom

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The older generation has rich life experiences that offer valuable insights. They can approach challenges with calmness and perspective and are adept at navigating life’s uncertainties​—something that younger people have not yet mastered. Because of this, older adults have certain wisdom they can share.

Telling Stories

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Storytelling doesn’t come easy to everyone, but the older generation certainly seems to be good at it. They tell engaging stories with depth and humor and have a richness in their narratives from diverse life experiences. Older people also tend to have strong connections to history and tradition​.

Math Skills

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Whereas the youth of today often rely on technology to help them with math and calculations, the older generation tends to be better at basic math, as they grew up without this reliance. Older people were taught in an era that was less dependent on calculators and also had stronger foundational skills in arithmetic.


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There was a much stronger focus on cursive writing back in the day, and older people were generally taught better penmanship. There was also much less reliance on digital communication and technological devices like smartphones and computers, where people type instead of write.​ As a result, the older generation tends to have better handwriting.

Trips Without GPS

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Older people didn’t have the option to follow the GPS or Google Maps when they were younger, so they had to develop navigational skills. They would rely on maps and their memories for directions and, as a result, now have a better ability to navigate without technological assistance​—unlike younger generations who would feel totally lost without it.

Fixing Their Cars

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While this may not be the case for everyone, a lot of older people seem to have developed self-reliance when it comes to basic car maintenance. These skills were developed out of necessity and interest. Older generations also have greater familiarity with older car models​ and how they run, which doesn’t come so easily to younger people.

Correct Spelling and Grammar

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The older generation didn’t grow up with spell check and autocorrect to work with. Instead, they had a strong foundation in their formal education, with an emphasis on language skills in earlier educational systems. With fewer entertainment options available, older people are also more likely to have grown up reading books, aiding in their spelling and grammar abilities.

Moving on From Bad Situations

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As people age, they tend to be less and less concerned with the opinions of others and what people think. As reported by Metro, people tend to stop caring what everyone thinks of them around the age of 46. These older adults have the ability to walk away from negativity with ease and have experience recognizing when to leave a situation​.

Giving Life Advice

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The older generation has a rich reservoir of life experiences to share, offering insights from a broad perspective. They’re valued for their lived wisdom​. As shared by the author of What Happens in Tomorrow World? Jordan Gross, “Our elders have had the great fortune of connecting with thousands of people throughout their lives. They have seen some succeed and some fail. And because they’ve seen the failures, they’ve realized what actually works best.”

Making Time for Family

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This is not always a priority for younger people, but the older generation often puts seeing their family and spending quality time with their children and grandchildren first. They understand the importance of being present in their loved one’s lives, recognize the value of family connections​, and know that every second counts.

Prioritizing In-Person Communication

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Older people tend to value face-to-face interactions over digital communication, which isn’t always the case with younger generations. As a result, they tend to possess stronger interpersonal skills developed through direct contact. You may also find the older generation emphasizing the importance of personal touch in relationships and networking.

Budgeting and Financial Management

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Managing finances without modern tools is a skill that many older individuals possess. They often have practical knowledge of saving, investing, and frugal living—wisdom gained from navigating various economic climates over the years. CF

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