17 Things We All Start Doing When We Get Old

Getting old is getting complicated, but it can also be enjoyable if you try to make it so. Forget the days of fearing old age. In this article, we look at 17 things we should all consider doing when we get old to make our lives better.

Waking Up Early

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Waking up before the sun is a special kind of peacefulness. Imagine starting your day in silence, enjoying the first light while sipping coffee, and maybe reading a bit. And the best part, you get to enjoy breakfast when most people are still sleeping.

Prioritizing Comfort Over Style

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When we get older, we start to love clothes and shoes that feel good more than those that just look good. We pick comfortable outfits that let us move freely and don’t mind if they’re not the latest fashion. We like clothes that are easy to wear, keep us ready for any weather, and have big pockets for our stuff. It’s mostly about feeling good in what we wear, every day.

Finding Joy in Gardening

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The Mayo Clinic says “A busy day in the garden can be a good form of exercise. While tending a garden, you perform a functional movement that mimics whole body exercise.” It doesn’t matter if it’s just a few pots on the porch or a full garden in the yard.

Becoming a Bird-Watching Enthusiast

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Bird watching becomes a fascinating hobby as we grow older. Setting up feeders brings all kinds of birds right to our yards. You can even learn to recognize them by their songs and colors, which feel like unlocking secrets of the natural world.

Collecting and Organizing Family Memories

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As we get older, we should start turning old photos and videos into digital formats to keep them safe. We might even build family trees or record stories from our relatives. Putting together photo albums and scrapbooks lets us hold onto those precious moments from the past. This way, we keep our family’s history alive, not just for us but for future generations, too.


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Napping is like a mini-vacation in the middle of your day. You shouldn’t nap for too long, though, because you want to make sure you can still sleep well at night. It’s also important to find a cozy place to nap where it’s not too bright or too hot, just comfortable for you. Think of napping as a skill you can get good at, slowly but surely.

Becoming Technology-Savvy

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Learning about new technology and how to use the internet and gadgets can be really useful. It might take some time, but there are special guides and classes made just for older people who want to learn. This is a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends, using emails, video calls, or social media.

Rekindling Old Hobbies and Interests

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Remember those fun activities you used to do, like painting or playing an instrument, but then got too busy to keep up with? Now might be a good time to pick them back up. You can even find clubs or groups where people enjoy the same things, and it’s a nice way to make new friends who like what you like.

Valuing Quality Time Over Material Gifts

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Instead of wanting things like toys or gadgets as gifts, it’s really special to spend time with people you care about. Planning a family dinner, a trip, or just a fun day out can create memories that last forever. It’s all about being there for each other, paying attention, and sharing moments.

Adopting a More Thoughtful Approach to Eating

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Eating can be more than just filling you up when you’re hungry. Cooking can also be fun, especially when you try new recipes. It’s also a good idea to think about when you eat because it can affect how you feel and your health. Eating becomes a way to take care of yourself, not just with what you eat but also with how you enjoy your meals, making each bite count for both your body and your spirit.

Emphasizing Regular Health Check-ups

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It’s really important to visit your doctor regularly, even if you’re feeling okay. These visits can help stop health problems before they start. Keeping a diary of how you’re feeling can be super helpful when you talk to your doctor. Also, getting shots and check-ups that doctors suggest for people your age is a smart move.

Fostering Deep Connections with Younger Generations

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Doing things together, like playing video games or making crafts, can help both of you learn from each other. Your life experience is a gift, and when you share it, you’re not just teaching; you’re also getting a fresh look at the world through their eyes.

Appreciating the Value of Quiet Time

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Taking a little time each day to be quiet, like meditating, praying, or just sitting still, can make a big difference in how you feel. According to Healthline, some of the benefits of meditation are reduced stress, lower anxiety, and increased self-awareness. In those quiet times, you can really listen to your own thoughts and feelings, finding peace and getting to know yourself better.

Revisiting Classic Literature and Films

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There are so many great books and movies you might not have gotten around to before, or maybe they’re worth experiencing again. Joining a group to talk about these classics can add a lot of fun and new ideas to what you’re reading or watching. With more life experience, you might see these stories in a whole new way, finding things you didn’t notice before.

Becoming an Advocate for Causes

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Getting involved in causes that matter to you can make a big impact, not just in your community, but in the wider world too. Using what you’ve learned in life, along with your time and resources, can really help make things better. It’s also a chance to inspire others to do their part. This way, your later years become a powerful time of action, working to leave the world a little better than you found it.

Embracing Slower Travel

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According to Condé Nast, slow travel means tamping down our own built-in, conditioned obsessions with time and allowing the world to move just a little slower so that we can actually notice it. It is a much better way to travel, especially when you are older.

Enjoying the Small Things

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There are many meaningful small things, but LifeHack’s list includes having a nice, long stretch when you first wake up to get your body moving, laughing out loud at a funny memory, a gesture of kindness from someone in your life—as simple as your child helping you cook dinner—and a smell you love, from baked bread to a freshly mowed lawn.

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