18 Things You’ll Still Want to Do After 60 But Probably Can’t

Getting older can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to accepting that you may not be able to do everything you once did when you were younger. From camping trips to extensive DIY projects, this article will discuss 18 things you likely want to do but may struggle with over 60.

Intense Strength Exercises

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Were you once a fitness addict? While you can (and should) still exercise, you may need to give intense strength exercises a miss. This is because it can be difficult to maintain proper form in exercises like overhead presses, and heavy lifting can risk your lower back and joints. Safer alternatives include light strength training and using resistance bands​.

Multitasking With Ease

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Unfortunately, age-related changes in the brain can affect your memory and multitasking abilities. Of course, you can keep up with multitasking for as long as you possibly can, but this may slow down over time. Physical activity and mental exercises can help mitigate these effects.

Starting a Backyard Farm

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Some people dream of starting a little backyard farm as they get older and retire, but the physical demands of doing so and mobility issues can make this challenging. Low-maintenance or community gardening is still recommended, however. As shared by Taking Care, “Gardening can be a great hobby to keep older adults healthy as it’s a low-impact exercise that allows them to stretch and stay flexible.”

A Rigorous Fitness Regime

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As sad as it may be, it’s important to consider your changing physical capabilities and the importance of moderated exercises with age. While you may be itching to adopt a rigorous exercise regime, it’s best to focus on gentle physical activities. It’s also smart to ensure a good diet and avoid harmful habits like smoking​​.

Adventurous Road Trips

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Now that you’re reaching retirement age and have more free time, you may be thinking of all the exciting road trips you once dreamed of taking. The thrill of exploring new places and experiences can really take over, but long drives and managing travel logistics can be difficult for those in their sixties and beyond.

Camping in the Wilderness

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The physical demands of setting up camp and outdoor survival, along with sleeping on relatively hard ground, are generally more suited to younger individuals. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the peace and beauty of nature. Instead, you could opt for more accessible camping sites or RV trips​​.

Daily Self-Care Routines

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As you age, it becomes essential to modify your self-care routines to match your physical capabilities. You may no longer be able to do that daily yoga or gym session. Daily practices such as gentle exercises, mindfulness, and balanced nutrition, however, play a pivotal role in maintaining a happy life.

Rekindling Old Friendships

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As you get older, the challenge of reconnecting with friends from the past increases. As people begin to retire, they often move away or take up new interests. Leveraging technology to maintain long-distance friendships​ can also be tricky. Of course, it’s not impossible to rekindle old friendships—so don’t give up!

Intensive Hobbies

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Senior Services of America says, “Having fun-filled hobbies can be a source for your emotional and mental well-being.” However, hobbies you once enjoyed may need to be adjusted to accommodate your physical limitations. Try to find enjoyment in less strenuous activities, like birdwatching or candle making.

Intense Adventure Sports

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Many people dream of participating in adventurous sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, or white-water rafting. However, after age 60, the physical demands and risk of injury associated with these activities become significant concerns. While it’s important to remain active, adapting these activities to suit your fitness level or opting for less strenuous sports is best.

Maintaining Flexibility

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As you age, your flexibility tends to decrease, which can make activities that require bending and stretching more difficult. This loss of flexibility can be attributed to factors like reduced physical activity and underlying joint conditions. As shared by the NIH, however, “Whereas age may be associated with a decline in flexibility, older adults still maintain the ability to improve flexibility with general exercise.”

Mastering New Technology Quickly

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With the rapid rate of new technological innovations, keeping up with all the changes and advances can be difficult for even younger adults, let alone those in their sixties. With that in mind, it’ll likely be tricky for you to master new tech past a certain point. Seeking assistance and learning at a comfortable pace is still possible, though.

Competitive Sports

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Engaging in sports after 60 requires a shift from focusing on competition to enjoyment and health. Low-impact sports such as swimming or golf are ideal, providing all the joy of the game with a reduced risk of injury.

High-Intensity Aerobic Workouts

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Modifying aerobic workouts to align with current fitness levels is vital for those over 60. Gentle activities like walking or light dancing can be as beneficial as high-intensity workouts, too. These exercises are key for maintaining cardiovascular health and should be tailored to individual abilities and health conditions.

High-Energy Social Dancing

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Dancing is a popular activity that many look forward to in their later years, especially social dances like salsa, tango, or swing. However, the high energy and agility required for these dances can be challenging post-60, due to changes in stamina, joint mobility, and balance.

Traveling to Remote or Challenging Destinations

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You’re never too old to travel, but you may want to think twice about traveling to remote, challenging, or very distant destinations. Plan your travel to accommodate your health and comfort needs. As shared by The Telegraph, “Older travelers are more susceptible to the risks of flying because of their reduced mobility and their increased susceptibility to dehydration.”

Extensive DIY Projects

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DIY projects can still be enjoyable after 60, albeit on a smaller scale. Focusing on manageable tasks that match your physical abilities can be just as rewarding as extensive projects you may have undertaken when younger. For larger projects, seeking assistance or participating in community efforts can be a great way to stay engaged and active.

Fast-Paced Social Activities

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Adjusting to a more comfortable pace in social activities is key after 60. Leisurely and meaningful social gatherings can offer deeper connections and enjoyment. It’s about prioritizing quality over quantity in social interactions, ensuring each moment is cherished and enjoyable.

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