18 Trends From The ’80s That Should Be Brought Back

There are certain things we miss most about the 80s. From technological relics to beloved hangouts, games, and fashion choices, these 18 things of the decade hold a special place in our hearts, and we yearn for their return.

Arcade Games

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Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Galaga were more than just games; they were memories etched in our minds. Arcades served as social hubs where friendships were forged, and the pursuit of high scores devoured our coins. The thrill of those pixelated victories remains unmatched.

Rotary Phones

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Dialing a number on a rotary phone was a deliberate, attention-demanding experience. Each turn of the wheel carried weight and ended with a satisfying whirr. In today’s age of touchscreens and speed dials, the slow, deliberate action of a rotary phone holds nostalgic charm.


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Crafting mixtapes was an art form that allowed us to pour our emotions into a collection of carefully selected songs. The time and effort spent curating each tape made them unique and personalized gifts, a far cry from today’s auto-generated playlists.

Big Hair

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The 80s embraced big hair as a symbol of fearless self-expression and individuality. Voluminous styles, achieved with hairspray and teasing combs, evoked fond memories of a harmless fashion trend that pushed boundaries and celebrated uniqueness.

VHS Tapes

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The excitement of visiting a video store and meticulously choosing a movie on VHS was an adventure. The gratitude and anticipation as we rushed home to watch our selection is something lost in today’s era of instant streaming.

Cassette Walkmans

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The Walkman revolutionized personal audio, allowing us to clip it to our belts and enjoy our favorite tunes on the move. The tangible joy of inserting a cassette and immersing ourselves in music remains unmatched by today’s digital streaming.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

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Waking up early on Saturdays to indulge in uninterrupted hours of animated shows was a cherished childhood ritual. The anticipation of waiting a week for the next episode and the excitement of junk-watching our favorite cartoons are experiences lost in the age of instant gratification.

Atari Game Console

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The Atari console brought video games into our living rooms, sparking a revolution that paved the way for modern gaming systems. Simple graphics, one-button controllers, and competitive battles with friends or family members created cherished memories.

Neon Fashion

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Bold, neon colors became synonymous with 80s fashion, capturing the era’s spirit of self-expression and rebellion. These eye-catching styles stood out against the browns and reds of the previous decade and allowed young people to express themselves fearlessly.


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Before it became synonymous with reality TV, MTV revolutionized the music industry, providing a platform for young people to interact with music and expand their creativity. Its impact on music artists’ image and expression was monumental and cannot be replicated in today’s landscape.


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Carrying a boombox on your shoulder was a style statement that made even the nerdiest kid feel cool. These portable party starters were symbols of the music-driven culture, capable of transforming any gathering into a dance-off. Their absence is felt beyond mere nostalgia.

Roller Skating

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Roller disco embodied the 80s spirit, with the thrill of speeding around a rink and the camaraderie of friends skating together. Roller rinks and their disco-light-filled ambiance are sorely missed, as they brought communities together and created unforgettable memories.

Rubik’s Cubes

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More than just a puzzle, Rubik’s Cubes became a pop culture phenomenon. The satisfaction of solving one and aligning the colors remains a triumphant moment in many people’s lives, although the cube has been overshadowed by modern gaming apps.

Leg Warmers

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Leg warmers, originally dancewear, became a fashion staple that allowed young people to showcase their individuality. These cozy and rebellious accessories represented a departure from typical use and served as reminders of the era’s spirited style.

Drive-in Movies

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Watching a movie under the stars from the comfort of a car was a thrilling experience. The shared laughter, excitement, and sense of community made drive-in movies a beloved pastime that has been lost in today’s era of personal screens.

Mall Culture

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Malls were not just shopping centers but vibrant social hubs where friends gathered, food court pizza was savored, and music was explored at record stores. The communal vibe and physical browsing possibilities of malls are difficult to replicate in the era of online shopping.


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Beyond being a dance form, breakdancing was a cultural movement that captivated the 80s. Its gravity-defying moves and influence on music videos and popular culture made it a defining element of the decade.

After-School Specials

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TV programs addressing pressing issues in a relatable format provided entertainment that sparked important conversations among teenagers. These focused, audience-led specials brought a level of understanding and enjoyment that can get lost in today’s world of content overload.

Shoulder Pads

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Love them or hate them, shoulder pads made a bold fashion statement, symbolizing power and gender equality. They added authority to outfits, and women wore them proudly in professional settings, challenging traditional norms.

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