18 Ways Life Really Was Simpler, According to Our Grandparents

We have all heard stories from our grandparents about how differently they lived. A lot of technology was not invented, and even traditions and some laws were different. This article looks at some of the things that made life easier during the time our grandparents were raised. 


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Letters and phone calls were the main mode of communication for our grandparents. In the era of social media and sophisticated technology, people can find it easier to send messages. It has been reported that social media increases the risk of cyberbullying.

Work-Life Balance

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Maintaining a work-life balance was easier before computers. One could fulfill their duties while at the office, and when at home, over the holidays, or on weekends, there were no work activities. Technology and the ubiquity of computers have changed this, and now people bring their work everywhere.


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Shopping was mostly a necessity in our grandparents’ time. They had limited choices for products at local stores, and the items sold were more based on quality and efficiency. The increase in product brands, trends, and online shops has created a different shopping experience.


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Board games, radio shows, and outdoor activities were popular forms of entertainment. Families gathered and played together. These activities created time for them to bond. This has decreased as many people spend most of their leisure time on phones and TVs.


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Cooking was simpler for our grandparents. They relied on whole foods and seasonal ingredients, creating meals from scratch. Many families had homemade meals with family recipes that were passed down. Studies show an increase in consumption of processed foods, as they’re cheaper and more convenient.


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Gardening was more than just a hobby; it was a way of life for many people and families. They grew their foods both for home consumption and for sale. Gardening brought families together and taught many valuable lessons about patience and hard work.

Home Entertainment

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Home entertainment for our grandparents was simple yet meaningful. Families gathered around for storytelling sessions and created cherished memories. Children used homemade toys, which improved creativity and imagination. Additionally, people organized community events, such as fairs and festivals, bringing neighbors together.


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Cars were a luxury item among people in older generations. Many people walked and used bikes or other public means of transportation. Forbes reported that 91.7% of households in America have at least one vehicle in 2024. This increases the risk of accidents and air pollution.

Social Interactions

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Social interactions were an integral part of our grandparents’ lives. They lived in close-knit communities, where neighbors knew each other by name and looked out for one another. Visits with neighbors were frequent and they had fewer formal social events, fostering strong bonds and a sense of belonging.


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Many of our parents were raised in clothes that were handmade or passed down. Instead of following fleeting fashion trends, they valued timeless styles and practicality. People bought clothes that would last for years to come, and many of the younger siblings wore clothes from the older ones.

Household Chores

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Household chores were a shared responsibility in our grandparents’ homes. Tasks were divided, and this created teamwork at home. It also taught children responsibility and life skills. This is harder with the creation of various gadgets like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and various kitchen appliances.

Financial Management

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Cash was the primary form of payment in previous years. It is shown that using cash helps people stick to a budget. Many people can easily live outside their means with the use of credit cards. They spend on unnecessary items even when they don’t have enough money.


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Education for our grandparents was rooted in simplicity and practicality. With fewer educational options available, they focused on mastering traditional subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic. Learning often took place outside the classroom, through hands-on experiences, apprenticeships, and real-world challenges.

Time Management

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Our grandparents adhered to structured routines and schedules, which helped them manage their time efficiently. They prioritized family time, setting aside dedicated hours for meals, leisure activities, and bonding with loved ones. Distractions were minimal, allowing them to focus fully on the task at hand and enjoy moments.

News Consumption

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News sources in previous generations were limited. Radio and newspapers were the main sources. They were usually well-sourced and more reliable. With the spread of the internet, most news sources focus more on views and clicks and a lot of information is hard to trust.

Home Maintenance

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Many people took pride in their ability to handle DIY repairs and maintenance tasks around the house, from fixing leaky faucets to patching up holes in the roof. With fewer home appliances to manage, they relied on basic tools and resourcefulness to keep their homes in good condition.

Health and Wellness

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Home remedies were widely used to treat illnesses. Additionally, physical activity was part of daily life for many people. A lot of work involved manual labor, with less use of computers and fewer sedentary activities.

Leisure Activities

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Many people today have indoor hobbies or spend most of their free time on gadgets. This is unlike what our grandparents did, as most of their leisure activities included nature walks, hikes, crafting, and DIY projects. They also often read books and told stories, which created community bonds.

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