What’s the Deal With Eben Pagan’s Fortune?

Yes, we know what you might be thinking, “Another net worth review?” Well, it is mostly because we want our visitors to feel as though they are taking the right steps when investing their money. We want to live in a world where all the businesses we choose to support are fair. Which is where we meet Eben Pagan. Pagan is an American entrepreneur, who developed a $3 million net worth through internet marketing.

However, if you were to type “Eben Pagan net worth,” you would be met with the same amount belonging to a David DeAngelo. Now, in the case of DeAngelo, his net worth was built on real estate and a dating and seduction service. So, at this point, you are probably asking who the hell David DeAngelo is? To be short, it is a pseudonym that Pagan used to sell his seduction seminar.

Yes, you read it right, he was one of those seduction provocateurs that helps those awkward men from all age groups. Most of the leaders of these “groups,” are sleazy and develop a cult-like following of men that hang on every word they say. Pagan, in contrast, has an aura of humbleness to him. Pagan does a great job of not making you feel scummy. One of Pagan’s biggest accomplishments was his e-book Double Your Dating Sales.

He originally started his dating business by using newsletter marketing with all of his followers. Now that he has amassed a fairly hefty fortune, Pagan has started giving away some of his trade secrets to online marketing. If you were to look up Pagan’s net worth you will find two different numbers. Most of the regular net worth sites will show his net worth as the aforementioned $3 million. However, some sites value his worth at $15 million. The rest of the money could be related to his work with the syndicate.

The big, bad Syndicate, and Eben Pagan.

 Do not worry the name sounds way worst, for the most part. Dig a little deeper you will learn about, The Syndicate, a group of people that specialize in helping people build six-figure businesses. The group has been described as a collective of “snake oil” salesmen that sell people dreams of becoming rich.

In Pagan’s case, his comes in the form of his Virtual CEO Lifestyle program. The program consists of seven modules that give the basics to building an online empire. The modules are things that you could probably find online. The program gained a lot of steam among Pagan’s followers.

The program itself costs $4,977. It has been described as something to want to do if you are serious about making more money. Because as we all know you have to spend money to make money in any type of business. This amount, though, for tips that you could find in a common business textbook is kind of insane. Followers that have joined the program have justified it by saying the mentorship is the real value of the actual program.

Mentoring is the common thread when you are when these “lifestyle” programs are trying to get more people to take the blue pill. Does mentorship really cost that much? Nearly $5,000, to possibly talk to someone about what you want to do professionally? Mentors – the good ones at least­ ­– usually give their tips away for free. Most of the time, if whatever they are backing is good, the mentor will receive their money on the backend. Most of the keys to Pagan’s net worth are common things like sharing your ideas with other people or creating daily routines.

Pagan pads his net worth in bite-sized portions, as well.

He now offers a set of training programs that help entrepreneurs at different parts of their startup. If you want to learn how to drive more traffic or find more customers for your business, Pagan offers training products ranging on a variety of subjects. When you go to Pagan’s site you will find 36 “products” that will answer any questions you may have.

Some of the training products are 30-minute consultations where you speak to one of why you speak with Pagan’s senior marketing consultant, David Stojack. As of right now, we are unsure if the consultations cost anything. Aside from the consultations, you are able to purchase training programs or join boot camps that could help you with whatever business you want to do.

Do you need Eben Pagan?

In the opinion of this writer, not really. We know Pagan is successful and he is a great salesperson. In fact, he prides himself on being a salesperson. Is this a terrible thing? Not necessarily. In Pagan’s case, he comes off as a salesperson from the start. It makes you feel like he only wants your money, which is fine if he did not have the whole “helping hand” rhetoric.

He may have millions, but he does not have all the answers. This is where a lot of people fall short when starting their own business. We are conditioned to search for a quick fix to our problems, a temporary cure for our lack of imagination and laziness. Do you want to know the easiest way to build a net worth like Pagan’s? Do the work. Stop waiting for your fortune to come to you and go get it. Read the books, call the gatekeepers, and above all, do not live the lifestyle until you can afford it.