18 Hard Truths to Accept in Life, According to Boomers

The older we become, the more we learn about life, and with that come the truths that we need to accept. Boomers have had their fair share of truths as they’ve grown through the years. Here are 18 hard truths that every boomer wants us to know.

Life Isn’t Always Fair

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Dragon House writes, “Life has an unpredictable nature, and fairness is not guaranteed.” There’s an unpredictable element of life that can lack universal fairness. Boomers want you to know that these experiences are beyond your control. Instead, you should focus on resilience when life shows you injustice.

Success Takes Time

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Success coming overnight is a complete myth, and you should understand that you need to put in the hard work. A key component of achievement is having patience and dedication, especially when it comes to your career. You should be aware of the difference between instant gratification and long-term rewards.

Change Is Inevitable

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Change is always going to be a part of your life, and there’s no escaping it. These may be changes in your personal life or professional life. Boomers say that instead of trying to fight change, you should embrace it. Adapting to new circumstances is a necessity.

Self-Acceptance Is Key

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It’s important to accept yourself as you are, including your flaws; otherwise, they’ll hold you back. This is supported by BetterUp, which writes, “A lack of self-acceptance can hold you back in every area of your life. It affects your confidence and can prevent you from reaching your full potential.”

Build Strong Relationships

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Meaningful connections play a vital role in your well-being. By building strong relationships, you’re building the foundations for emotional support. Many rewards come from strong friendships or family ties. You’ll know there are people there for you if you need them, but it’s also nice to know you can be there for another person.

Pain Is a Part of Life

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Boomers want us to know that pain and suffering are a part of the human experience and therefore inevitable. It’s important to acknowledge and process your emotions, as it helps you develop as a person. Emotional resilience is important when it comes to facing hardships in life.

Money Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness

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Science Focus writes, “We all need enough funds to cover our basic needs, but beyond that the connection between wealth and wellness is less clear.” While we need money to survive, having an abundance of it doesn’t bring happiness. Instead, you should look at having a work-life balance where you can still pursue your passions.

Failure Is a Learning Opportunity

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Failure should not be seen as a complete negative. Instead, boomers advise you to use it as a stepping stone to work toward being a better person. Mistakes are a time to learn and to grow as a person, and you should try to change your mindset on how you view failures so they’re seen more as a positive.

Success Doesn’t Mean Perfection

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Boomers say you should reject the notion that success means perfectionism. There’s always room for improvement, so instead, try to learn from any mistakes you make. This change in mindset will be beneficial, as it will keep you grounded. Even if you have been successful in life, you’re still human, and you’ll still make mistakes.

Health Is Wealth

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WealthTender tells us, “At its core, ‘health is wealth’ means that your physical and mental well-being is far more important than wealth in the realm of life satisfaction.” Boomers want us to always prioritize our physical and mental health before anything else. We should make sure we’re regularly exercising, eating healthy, and practicing self-care.

Aging and Mortality

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We should accept that aging is inevitable; it’s something that’s going to happen to every person. It can be a challenge to face our mortality, and it’s life’s hardest truth. Instead, we should cherish the time we have and make sure we spend as much time as we can with our loved ones.

Life’s Unpredictability

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Life can throw us curveballs when we least expect it. Boomers tell us that we shouldn’t presume that life will always go our way because that’s not how things go. It can be difficult to accept life’s unpredictability, but we have no choice other than to roll with it.


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Impermanence means that at some point, everything must come to an end, whether that’s relationships or careers. Accepting this can help us better our lives. For example, Positive Psychology writes, “Expecting temporary circumstances to remain permanent intensifies the pain and suffering of loss, grief, rejection, and disappointment when change does arise.”

Regret and Missed Opportunities

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Regret can play a huge part in our personal growth. Instead of regretting, try to use any missed opportunities as a way to better yourself for the future. Try to understand that missed chances are only learning experiences, helping to better yourself for the future.

Relationships Change

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Boomers want us to know that our relationships with other people are likely to change. This is because everyone is always growing as a person. We should accept changes in friendships and family ties. To make relationships work, we may have to learn how to adapt to their transformations.

Resilience Is Key

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The founder of Circle India Foundation writes, “As we navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world, one trait stands out as essential to achieving success: resilience.” It’s important to have a sense of resilience, as it helps us overcome life’s obstacles. Boomers have the outlook of learning from their experiences.

Just Because It’s New to You Doesn’t Mean It’s New

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Trends and knowledge are always in a constant cycle, and it’s important to recognize this. You should understand the historical context of knowledge and also try to understand the present. To try and understand things better, you can look to people who may have already experienced what you’re currently going through.

Social Media Is Not Reality

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You should not blur the lines between social media and reality. There’s a huge distinction between real-life and online personas. Don’t be fooled by how a person behaves on social media, as it may not be a true representation of their life. There can also be dangers that come with oversharing your life on social media.

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