18 Behaviors That Show Someone’s True Personality

Would you like to find out what kind of personality someone has? Then check out the 18 behaviors in this article that will reveal all.

They Interrupt

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“Consciously or not, most people feel disrespected when not allowed to finish what they’re saying,” says Psychology Today. A person who interrupts another while they are speaking shows that they are not interested in what others say and that they think they are more important than everyone else.

They’re Not Grateful

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Harvard Health says that “gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, and deal with adversity.” But a person who fails to say thank you and show they are grateful for what others do is demanding and thinks the world revolves around them.

They Don’t Listen

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Some people like to talk a lot, but they don’t like listening. When it’s their turn to listen to others, they impatiently try to change the subject so that they can start talking again. This kind of person shows that they are selfish and uninterested in others.

They Lie

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The statistics from Cross River Therapy show that “in one day, the average person lies four times, totaling 1,460 lies each year. While men lie about six times a day, women lie three times a day, on average.” Someone who lies constantly tries to deceive others and is not trustworthy.

They Flirt

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Does someone you know flirt with others while in a relationship? A person who flirts shows a lack of commitment to their partner. They are making it obvious that they are prepared and looking for an opportunity to leave the relationship when they want to.

They Don’t Reach Out

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The figures from SellCell show that around the world, “we make a huge 13.5 billion phone calls every day.” But if someone you know fails to pick up the phone and call or text you first, then they are showing that they are not making your friendship a priority.

They Arrive Late

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Someone who habitually arrives late to places shows that they are poorly organized. Not only that, but they also show that they have poor time-keeping skills and do not value other people’s time. Always being late gives others the impression that they are not important.

They Don’t Socialize

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Do you know someone who never goes anywhere? This person does not like hanging out with others and will find any excuse to reject an invitation. This person might just be very shy. Or, they might think they are an island and do not see the need to have friends.

They Won’t Talk

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“The silent treatment can sometimes be a form of emotional abuse,” says Medical News Today. Yes, silent treatment is a kind of behavior that is not acceptable in a relationship. Someone who refuses to talk through their problems shows themselves to be immature and stubborn.

They Are Unreliable

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Someone who fails to do the things they say they will is unreliable. You don’t know whether you can really count on a person like this. While their intentions may be good, they can’t follow through with the things they promise, and this is disappointing.

They Push You

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Someone who is pushy and tries to get you to do something you don’t want to do is a bully. This person may try to coerce you into doing something that would break your moral values or talk about your friend behind their back. This person is backstabbing and is only interested in what they can get from you.

They Fidget

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If a person constantly shuffles in their chair or swings their legs back and forth while others speak to them, they are a chronic fidgeter. This kind of person can’t sit still, and this may be because they’re nervous, lack confidence, or are insecure.

They Frown

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Someone who rarely smiles and is constantly frowning displays what is going on inside them on their faces. This kind of person is negative and is likely a pessimist. Instead of looking for things to be grateful for, they only see the bad side of life.

They Don’t Help

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Do you know someone who is never prepared to bend over backward for others? This kind of person will not help others unless they have no other option or it benefits them in some way. They are selfish and are only interested in their own well-being.

They Are Not Generous

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If a person never volunteers to pay for something and does not offer a hand to help those in need, they are showing that they are only interested in their needs. Once this person has everything they require, they are content and are not concerned with helping others.

They Don’t Compromise

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According to Verywell Mind, “Compromise is an important tool in relationships because it helps resolve conflicts.” When someone is willing to compromise, it shows that they care about making the other person happy. Someone who refuses to compromise shows they are only interested in their happiness.

They Won’t Hold Doors

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Have you ever expected someone to hold the door open for you, but instead they let it go and it slammed right in front of you? Then this kind of person might be distracted, or they might be self-consumed. This person is not thinking about helping others.

They Won’t Apologize

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Someone who won’t apologize shows that they think they’re right and are not willing to back down. Even for the sake of keeping the peace, this person will not humble themselves to admit their mistakes. They are proud and don’t like to show submission.

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