6 Things to Do If Your Business is Affected by Flooding

Owning and managing your own business is tough enough without a flooding emergency. If you have recently encountered flooding in your place of business, knowing how to address the situation can save you time and, ultimately, money. Learning what to do in the event of a flooding emergency at your place of business can mean the difference between continuing operations and losing your entire investment.

1. Document Damage and Your Surroundings

Encountering a flood in your place of business can feel devastating, which is why it is vital to document your surroundings immediately. Take as much photo and video evidence as possible without walking into your building, especially if the power is still connected. Be sure to take photos and video evidence of both the interior and exterior of any office building or business that has been flooded.

2. Shut Down and Secure Your Property and Electricity

Whenever there is a major flood, water leak, or water damage in any capacity, it’s important to turn off the electricity in your building immediately to secure your property. If the electricity is left on, anyone who is around the premises may be at risk of a shock or serious injury. If you are unsure of how to go about completing this task, it is best to call on a local electrical or remediation company to ensure safety at all times.

3. Call Your Insurance Agent Immediately

Anytime you experience a flooding of your business, you will need to contact your insurance agency or direct agent immediately for the guidance and direction you require at the time. It’s important to note that in some cases, flood insurance policies can take up to 30 days to go into effect, according to the National Weather Service, which is why it is essential to ensure you have the proper insurance policy in place even before you begin your operations in any commercial building, regardless of its location.

4. Contact Legal Representation if Necessary

Finding the right lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of any case you’re dealing with, especially when it involves the flooding of your place of business. The criminal lawyer market is currently estimated to be worth more than $18 billion in 2023, according to IBISWorld. Contacting a lawyer may be necessary if you are unable to file the claim you have in mind with your current insurance agent or if your insurance provider refuses to offer assistance with the flood you’ve recently experienced.

5. Seek Restoration Services As Soon as Possible

Whenever you are dealing with a flood in a commercial building, it is best to turn to professional remediation providers near you. Finding a restoration and remediation company that specializes in water damage removal and mold remediation is possible with local referrals, business listings, and by comparing local providers near you online.

6. Remain Calm and Focused

After you have filed the appropriate claim and retained legal counsel, it’s imperative to remain as calm and focused as possible. Keep in mind that in approximately 90% of car accident cases that involve compensation claims and settlements, a settlement is ultimately reached. Even if you’re seeking compensation for a case that involves insurance claims, natural disasters, and flooding, you should maintain your peace of mind once you’ve hired a lawyer you can turn to and rely on in a time of need.

Anytime you are dealing with a flood at your place of business, remaining calm and taking care of what is most important is imperative. Knowing which steps to take to best protect yourself and your business investment is essential, regardless of the industry you work in and represent. From contacting your insurance to documenting the damage caused by a flood in your place of business, these steps can protect you much more than sitting idly by while awaiting assistance.