19 Traits of a True Gentleman

What makes someone a gentleman? Is it the clothes, how they speak, or where they are from? There’s no need to wonder anymore. In this article, we’re going to look at 19 traits of a true gentleman and explain why every man should seek to attain some or all of them.

Respect for Others

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The Cambridge Dictionary defines respect as admiration felt or shown for someone or something. A true gentleman always treats others with respect, regardless of their background or beliefs. He practices active listening and shows empathy and understanding to everyone, despite who they are. Bonus points if he actively wants to learn more about others’ points of view.


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Integrity is the cornerstone of a gentleman’s character, guiding his actions and decisions. A man with integrity keeps his promises and commitments. In addition, he upholds high ethical standards for himself and the people he chooses to spend time with.


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Good manners are a key sign of respect for those around you. A gentleman knows basic etiquette, such as when eating, drinking, and speaking. He should always be polite in his interactions, even with people who may not necessarily deserve it.


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A gentleman knows the importance of self-control in maintaining dignity and respect. He must be able to manage his emotions effectively in stressful situations. Starting fights and quarrels are not traits of a man who carries himself well.


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Being reliable is a sign of trustworthiness and dependability in a gentleman. It’s not just about the big things. Even the little things matter as much, if not more. For example, he should consistently be punctual and not make others wait for him.


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Confidence empowers a gentleman to face life’s challenges with grace. It is completely different from arrogance. A confident person is simply sure of themselves, while an arrogant person feels the need to bring others down to feel better about themselves. VeryWell Health says a study from 2015 “connects self-compassion with self-confidence,” so ensure you remember it’s important to practice self-care.


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Empathy allows a gentleman to connect with others on a deeper level. A good man shows compassion to others, especially if they are facing tough times. Empathy costs nothing, so it should be expected from everyone at all times.


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Generosity shows a gentleman’s understanding of the value of giving back. A gentleman is willing to share time, resources, and knowledge with those who have less. He should want to support others without expecting anything in return.


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Humility grounds a gentleman, keeping him down to earth, relatable, and approachable. It doesn’t mean he should put himself down, but rather that he is open to learning and self-improvement. It is okay to boast about achievements, but time and place matter.


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A true gentleman embraces responsibility in all aspects of life, including but not limited to family, work, community, and friendship. A person who accepts responsibility is often more willing to work to improve themselves than one who thinks the opposite.


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Courage means being brave enough to stand up for what you believe in, even when it’s scary. It’s about facing uncertain situations with bravery and sometimes protecting those who can’t protect themselves. A person with courage doesn’t back down but instead acts according to what they feel is right.


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Honesty is all about speaking the truth and being clear and open in how you communicate. When someone is honest, they admit their mistakes and try to fix them. They also really care about being genuine in how they relate to other people.


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A patient person waits calmly, even when things take longer than expected. True patience means showing understanding and tolerance toward others and not getting upset over delays or problems. A patient person knows how to handle life’s ups and downs without losing their cool.

Respect for Women

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Respecting women is fundamental to being a true gentleman. This doesn’t mean being attracted to women. It involves treating women like the valuable members of society they are. In fact, a man’s respect for women is truly seen when he is interacting with women he is not attracted to.

Dress and Grooming

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Dressing well and taking care of your appearance are key parts of making a good first impression. A gentleman knows this and always makes sure to dress suitably for every occasion, whether it’s a formal event or a casual gathering. Savile Row suggests picking the right size and ironing your shirt. Besides choosing the right clothes, keeping up with personal hygiene and grooming is also essential for a sophisticated gentleman.

Education and Self-Improvement

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A true gentleman places great importance on continually learning and growing. He values education, not just in the formal sense but as a lifelong journey of gaining knowledge and wisdom. He’s always looking for new ideas and experiences that can broaden his understanding of the world.

Work Ethic

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A strong work ethic shows a gentleman’s commitment to achieving his goals. It means he has dedication and that he strives for excellence in all his projects. It’s not about working as hard as possible; it is more about delivering what is expected of you, within reason, of course.


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Leadership is about guiding others with empathy, not having power over others. A gentleman leads by example with integrity and respect for his team without needing to use his position as a tool to demand obedience.

Sense of Humor

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A good sense of humor enhances a gentleman’s relatability and charm. It should, however, be the right kind of humor for the situation. Even more importantly, humor should never be cruel or come at the expense of others.

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