Building Wealth From Nothing; Take Action, Avoid The Lottery Mentality

The Lottery Mentality, building wealth

Successful Lottery winners look really happy when they pose with their oversized checks for the cameras. The untold story is that many of them squander their unearned wealth and often return to their previous, middle-class or lower, lifestyle much sooner than they anticipated. In other words, your chances of winning the lottery are about as … Read more

The 3 Sacred D’s Of Real Estate Investing

real estate investing, properties

  What are the 3 Sacred Ds of real estate investing? There are plenty of reasons you might need to sell a property or get rid of real estate. Some get unexpected job changes that require them to transfer to other areas, others might not like the way their neighborhood has expanded. Did you wake … Read more

A Bigger Threat?

Having the worlds most enviable economy, because of the freedoms set forth when James Madison and Co. created the Bill of Rights, there come obligations to the rest of the world and the great citizens of this Nation.  One of those obligations is that we will be the humanitarian leader to rest of the world, … Read more

Meet The Government Sponsored Retirement Account-MyRA

The Following is a guest post from Richard Dedor.  Richard is a national motivational speaker, personal coach and author, writing is just one way Richard devotes his time to changing the world.  Richard’s work has appeared in Sports ‘n Spokes magazine, RSI Magazine, The Liberty Press, and multiple online publications dedicated to personal development and motivation. … Read more

From Moo To Moolah!

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The stock market has been fruitful this last year, we would be hard-pressed to argue that, Dow 16000+, new highs for the S&P, people are giddy about their returns. However, If you’re still skeptical like me about wall street products, maybe its time to jump on the ‘alternative investing’ bandwagon, just like I have.  So, … Read more