20 Foods The Bible Mentions That We Still Eat Today

The Bible isn’t all stories and miracles. It’s also got some cool insights into what people ate long ago. Interestingly, a lot of that food is still on our tables. Here’s a list 20 of ancient snacks we still love.

Olives and Olive Oil

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If you’ve ever dived into a Mediterranean dish, you know olives and olive oil are the stars. Back in biblical times, olive trees were also symbols of peace. Today, besides making our salads awesome, olive oil is praised for those health benefits that fitness bloggers rave about.


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Almonds, sweet or salty crunchy delights in our cereals and chocolate bars. In the Bible, they were a symbol of promise and alertness. Plus, they’re a healthy snack alternative when you’re trying to dodge those chips.


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Before sugar became everyone’s sweetener, there was honey. The Bible describes the Promised Land as a place “flowing with milk and honey.” Today, it’s our go-to drizzle on pancakes, yogurt, and even in some cool skincare routines.


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Figs are those sweet, purple fruits that you find in a lot of health bars and upscale desserts. Back in the Bible, fig trees symbolized prosperity. On today’s menu, they’re a delicious snack and also a major favorite on Instagram food posts.


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Lentils might sound like a boring food choice, but they were popular enough for Esau to trade his birthright for some lentil stew. Today, they’re the unsung heroes of vegan dishes and protein-packed diets.

Grapes and Wine

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Grapes aren’t just juicy snacks or components of our fruit salads. Back in the day, they were transformed into wine for ceremonies and celebrations. Today, grapes are everywhere, from our morning juices to wine tastings.


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Barley was the ancient grain that made it into a lot of dishes. Now, it’s making a comeback in health bowls and salads, especially with people digging the whole ‘ancient grain’ trend.


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Dates are those sticky, sweet treats that are now commonly found in energy bars. In biblical times, they were incredibly valuable, especially for travelers. Today, they’re perfect for satisfying those sweet tooth cravings without reaching for candy.


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Ever cracked open a pomegranate? Those juicy seeds (or arils) are treasures. In biblical accounts, they symbolized fertility. Now? They’re still a perfect mix of sweet and tart, popping up in dishes and drinks everywhere.


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Leeks are like the chilled out cousin of onions, not too strong but full of flavor. The Israelites in the Bible remembered the leeks from their Egyptian feasts. Today, they jazz up our soups, salads, and stir-fries.


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We’re not talking about the condiment you put on hot dogs. Mustard seeds, used in many dishes, were often mentioned in parables by Jesus to show how something small could have a big impact.


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Salt was—and still is— essential for cooking and much more. Back then, it preserved food, worked as occasional currency and sealed deals. Today, it’s in almost every dish, bringing out flavors and making food pop.


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Lamb was really significant in biblical times, both for eating and for religious reasons. Once used in religious offerings and as part of traditional sacred meals, it was a coveted meat. Now, you’ll find it grilled at BBQs, in burgers, or in gourmet dishes.


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With so many important stories set near water, it’s no surprise fish was a staple food. From fish tacos and fried fish to sushi, our love for seafood hasn’t changed a bit. After all, even one of the oldest the symbol for christianity is a fish.


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Just like today, bread was essential. It even crops up in the Lord’s Prayer, in the form of ‘our daily bread’. Whether it’s your morning toast or the side dish at dinner, it’s been the cornerstone of meals for ages.


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Whether it’s in your cereal, coffee, or just a glassful with cookies, milk has been a favorite since biblical days. And with so many varieties available today – from almond to oat – there’s a type for every taste.


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Alright, this might sound wild, but locusts were actually on the menu back in the day. Today, with sustainability in focus, edible insects like locusts are making a culinary comeback. They’re protein-packed and eco-friendly, even if they’re a bit of an acquired taste.


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Beans have always been a nutritious and filling food option. Whether they’re being thrown into a burrito, made into a dip, or sprinkled on a salad, they’ve been a dietary mainstay from ancient times to our modern taco nights.


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Vinegar, with its tangy kick, was used in many dishes and for preserving food in biblical times. Fast forward to now, and it’s a staple in kitchens worldwide. From dressings to marinades, its versatility is undeniable.


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Rye might not be as popular as wheat, but it was known in biblical times. Today, rye bread is making waves, especially in delis and sandwich shops. Its rich, hearty flavor sets it apart from your regular loaf.

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