17 Car Brands That Will Make Others Think You’re Wealthy

For some, a car is just a way to get from point A to point B. For others, a car is a toy for fun and enjoyment. And then there are those who love the status of their vehicles. These 17 cars scream or whisper wealth and success for those who either want a loud statement or are more subdued.


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Ranging from $341,500 to $505,750, Rolls-Royce is synonymous with ultimate luxury, often owned by celebrities, entrepreneurs, and elite athletes. Rolls-Royce offers extensive bespoke options, allowing for personalization at a high cost. Surprisingly, it attracts younger, wealthy individuals, including new athletes and entertainers, indicating a luxury car ownership demographics shift.


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The Bentley Continental GT starts at $245,425, and the Bentayga starts at $205,925.

The brand stands for heritage and luxury, with over 100 years of producing some of the world’s most luxurious cars. Bentley Drivers Club highlights the brand’s focus on driving pleasure and exclusivity. Its commitment to giving back and community engagement adds to its prestigious image.


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Ferrari models range from the Ferrari Roma at $226,570 to the Daytona SP3 at $2.2 million. Ferrari’s brand is associated with wealth, luxury, and success. Its racing pedigree is known for its success in Formula 1, which adds to its allure with speed enthusiasts. Beyond cars, Ferrari’s significant revenue from merchandise and collaborations with brands like Puma emphasize its luxury brand status.


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The Lamborghini Huracan starts at $311,348, and the Aventador starts at $872,194. Lamborghini is known for high-performance supercars with striking designs. A dream car for its sleek design and bright colors, limited production numbers make ownership a symbol of wealth and exclusivity, and a strong brand image is associated with success and opulence.


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Bugatti models are among the most expensive, with prices typically starting in the millions, although specific current model prices are not listed on their website. Bugatti holds records for some of the fastest cars in the world. They are ultra-exclusive, with extremely high price tags and limited production runs. Bugatti cars are engineering marvels known for their prowess and luxury.


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Porsche models vary widely, with some models of SUVs in the $70,000s, the Porsche 911 starting at around $100,000, and the Porsche 918 Spyder priced at around $845,000 when new. This German brand offers a blend of high performance and luxury. Porsche has a wide appeal since it’s relatively accessible, but higher-end models are clear status symbols.

Aston Martin

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Aston Martin models like the Vantage start at around $139,000, with higher-end models like the DBS Superleggera around $316,300. Aston Martin represents classic British luxury and performance, as its association with the James Bond franchise makes it a first choice for anyone dreaming of the excitement of being a spy.


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Maserati models start at lower price points for luxury cars, with the Ghibli starting at around $74,390 and going up to the MC20, priced at around $212,000. Maserati’s Italian craftsmanship combines performance with luxury, making it the perfect car for someone who wants a race car but also wants creature comfort.


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Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range, from the C-Class starting at around $41,600 to the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, which begins at around $325,000. The brand is a pioneer in automotive technology and safety, offering consistent luxury across various segments, from sedans to SUVs. Their reputation for long-lasting vehicles keeps them popular across the globe.


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BMW models range from the 3 Series, which starts at around $41,250, to the high-end i8, which starts at around $147,500. BMW appeals to people who love to drive, emphasizing performance and luxury. Texas Carz says, “The BMW blue and white logo is the ultimate status symbol, describing an owner of a certain wealth and sensibility in their choice of vehicle.” It is a leader in automotive technology and design, exuding a brand image associated with success.


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Audi models range from the A3, starting at around $33,300, to the R8, which starts at around $142,700. As with other German engineers, they are known for cutting-edge technology and Quattro all-wheel-drive systems. Audi’s image is associated with modern luxury and success. Yahoo Finance calls it the “understated status symbol,” as most of their vehicles could be any other car or SUV until you look at performance.


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Lexus models start with the UX at around $33,000, going up to the LC, which starts at around $93,050. Lexus appeals to a broad audience because it combines luxury and reliability. Lexus is a well-known brand that offers a focus on customer service, bold designs, and technological advancements.


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Tesla’s lineup starts with the Model 3 at around $35,000 and goes up to the Model X Plaid, which starts at around $119,990. Tesla is a leader in electric vehicle technology, and ownership is a status symbol that signifies environmental consciousness and a forward-thinking mindset. Supply Chain Game Changer states, “In the past, owning a Tesla was something only the wealthy could afford.” Though Teslas can be far less expensive than people expect, the image of them being for the wealthy lingers.

Land Rover

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Land Rover models start with the Discovery Sport at around $37,800 and go up to the Range Rover, starting at around $92,000. The Land Rover is one of the only vehicles known for combining off-road capability with luxury. These models have a long history of being symbols of status and luxury.


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Jaguar models range from the E-PACE starting at around $40,995 to the F-TYPE starting at around $61,600. Known for elegant designs and sporty performance, this brand represents British luxury and exclusivity. “The jaguar spirit animal is a powerful symbol of protection, power, and majesty. Jaguar people are not afraid to go their own way,” according to Uniguide.


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Volvo models start with the XC40 at around $33,700, with the XC90 starting at around $48,350. Volvo is a pioneer in safety, combined with Scandinavian luxury. Its focus on sustainability appeals to a wealthy, conscientious demographic.


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Cadillac models range from the CT4 starting at around $33,395 to the Escalade starting at around $76,195. This brand represents American luxury with a long history of traditional luxury and prestige, and it is known for technological advancements and luxury features.

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