17 Things You Should Never Do When Flying

If you aren’t a frequent flyer, then it can be hard to know about plane etiquette or things you can do to make yourself more comfortable on a flight. For example, you shouldn’t skip lines, and you should always stay hydrated. Here are 17 things you should never do when flying.

Touch Your Face

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Try not to touch your face when you’re on a plane, as it can increase your chances of becoming sick. This is supported by The List, which writes, “Touching your face, especially the mucus membranes of your eyes, nose, and mouth, increases the odds of becoming sick no matter where you are.”


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You should always try to stay hydrated during your flight, as it will prevent you from becoming ill or experiencing a headache mid-flight. Airplanes can also be dehydrating due to their air conditioning units. Bring an empty bottle with you and fill it up after security to avoid pricey airport charges.

Not Pay Attention to Emergency Procedures

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You should always listen to the emergency procedures, and even more so if you’re a nervous flyer. It can provide you with a sense of ease, as you’ll know exactly what to do if there is an emergency. Make sure you’re always aware of where your nearest exit is.

Not Share the Armrest

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Forbes writes, “The middle-seat passenger should get both armrests in a three-seat configuration. Adjacent passengers in the window and aisle seats will still each have one armrest.” Always bear in mind that it’s important to share armrests with your fellow passengers, as it makes the flight more comfortable for everyone.

Rub Your Nose

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Similar to touching your face, rubbing your nose can also cause the spread of germs. It may not just cause you to rub germs onto your face, but it may also spread your germs on the plane. Try to carry a hand sanitizer in your hand luggage to kill any bacteria.

Take the Window Seat if You Prefer Not to Be Disturbed

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Which seat you choose can completely affect your flight experience. Window seats are the best option if you don’t want to be disturbed, and the wall can give you something to lean on and rest your head on. However, aisle seats are the better option if you want to be close to the restroom and have better mobility.

Consume Personal Alcohol

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It’s illegal to drink your own alcohol while on board a flight. This is supported by Smarter Travel, which writes, “Although it’s perfectly legal to bring your own alcohol aboard a plane (as long as it’s under 3.4 ounces or purchased in the airport after security), it’s actually against the law to consume it.”

Not Behave Respectfully

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You need to always make sure you’re behaving respectfully toward the cabin crew and fellow passengers. Aggressive behavior will never be tolerated on board a flight, and the crew can even restrain passengers who are. Respect and kindness mean the flight is smooth for everyone.

Not Follow the Airline’s Dress Code

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Wearing offensive or inappropriate attire can cause you to be removed from the plane. Airlines have specific dress codes, and this isn’t only to ensure you’re comfortable but also that the other passengers are. If you have any apprehensions about what to wear, then check the dress code on the airline’s website.

Strong Smells

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Air Advisor writes, “It’s best to avoid using perfume during the flight. Some passengers may have allergies or sensitivities to strong fragrances.” You should have consideration for the sensitivities of others onboard your flight, as strong smells can disrupt their flight. Don’t spray perfume, and don’t bring any strong-smelling food onboard.

Joke About Security Threats

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Security threats will always be taken seriously on a flight, and an airline has zero tolerance for these kinds of jokes. Comments about weapons and bombs can lead to a very large delay and even land you in some serious trouble. Always keep conversations light and without any threatening behavior.

Smoke or Vape

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Smoking or vaping on a flight is prohibited, and this includes traditional and electronic cigarettes. Don’t try to sneak one into a restroom, as there are smoke alarms in there, and any type of cigarette will trigger them. Violating this rule can result in fines or even arrest.

Leave a Messy Bathroom

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If you go to the bathroom during a flight, you should never leave the door open afterward, as it’s considered rude and unsanitary. It’s polite to always leave the restroom as you would like to find it. When you go to the bathroom, always make sure you wash your hands after so you don’t risk spreading germs.

Overpack Your Carry-On

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Heavily stuffed bags can cause delays when boarding and deplaning. Check the measurements for carry-on bags on the airline’s website before the flight to ensure your carry-on will fit in the overhead compartments. Overpacking can also lead to personal discomfort and limited legroom.

Disregard Seat Belt Signs

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Slate writes, “Don’t get up if there’s obvious turbulence or if a pilot asks flight attendants to take a seat and prepare for a bumpy ride.” You should also ensure you always have your seatbelt on during takeoff and landing. The seatbelt is there for your safety.

Rush to Deplane

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It’s rude to cut in the deplaning line and cause unnecessary disruption. For example, Best Life writes, “Cutting the line may save you a minute, at best, but it’ll definitely make everyone else on the plane hate you in the process.” Wait your turn, and then respectfully leave the aircraft.

Not Use Headphones for Entertainment

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Playing music or movies out loud can disturb others. When listening to audio, you should always use headphones. Sometimes, airlines will even provide you with a pair, so there’s no excuse. Always be mindful of your volume level when using headphones, as you don’t want to disrupt any passengers.

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