17 Grocery Items You Should Always Buy At Dollar Tree

If you’re looking to cut down your grocery budget, you’re in the right place. You may not know it, but Dollar Tree actually offers several items you wouldn’t expect for much cheaper prices than your average grocery store. From coffee creamer to baking mixes, discover the 17 items you should get at this store.


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You’ve likely never considered heading to Dollar Tree for your bread, but you may be pleasantly surprised to know that the store offers name-brand bread often found at higher prices elsewhere. This includes a variety of bread types, like English muffins, bagels, and whole wheat loaves. By getting and freezing this bread, you not only save money but also give it a longer shelf life.

Coffee Creamer

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Among other brands, Dollar Tree sells several variations of the popular Splenda creamer at very decent prices. The creamer is shelf-stable and sold at a fraction of the cost compared to some other retailers. This is ideal for travel or regular use. So, next time you visit a Dollar Tree, be sure to stock up!

Seasoning and Spices

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According to Statista, the average prices of spices and culinary herbs in the U.S. have steadily increased over the years. Thankfully, Dollar Tree stocks a wide range of seasonings, including popular options like Red Lobster seafood seasoning. By getting all of your spices here, you can fill up your spice cabinet without breaking the bank. You’ll also be enhancing the flavor of your cooking immensely.

Condiments and Sauces

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From ketchup, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauces for dipping to delicious jarred pasta sauces for spaghetti, Dollar Tree is a great and affordable place to pick up your condiments and sauces. The store offers a vast selection, including name brands, that is great value for money and often cheaper than elsewhere.


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Another item that doesn’t typically come to mind when you think of Dollar Tree is eggs, which have recently been reintroduced to its shelves and are available in various counts. They can be found in the refrigerated section and are offered at competitive prices.

Energy Drinks

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Whether you need an on-the-go energy boost or are just looking to stock up, Dollar Tree has an impressive variety of energy drinks available, including popular brands like Bang! and Alani Nu. The drinks are often sold at a significantly lower price point than at your average grocery store.


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Dollar Tree has an excellent selection of coffee available to buy, including popular choices like Alani Nu coffees. Whether you want to grab a ready-made chilled coffee or a jar of instant roast to make at home, the store has some unbeatable prices. It’s a must-visit for coffee lovers looking to save some money!

Drink Mixes

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Ideal for those looking to consume less sugar but increase their water intake, drink mixes are readily available at Dollar Tree for very reasonable prices. Sunkist Orange Peach Mango mix, for example, is a customer favorite. The store has a variety of options available for enhancing the taste of water.

Protein Shakes

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As told by Verywell Fit, “Protein can be one of the most expensive components of any diet.” In particular, protein shakes can be quite pricey—but they don’t have to be. Dollar Tree sells name brands like Alani Nu Fit Shakes as a cost-effective alternative to expensive brands. These shakes are available in various flavors.

Baking Mixes

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Ideal for those who enjoy baking, Dollar Tree has a variety of baking items for sale. From cake mixes to cupcake liners and decorating tools, you can get everything you need, often for a cheaper price than regular grocery stores. Dollar Tree allows for budget-friendly baking projects.


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According to SWNS Digital, “At $9.22 a week, Americans’ beloved snacks add up to $479.44 a year—meaning the average respondent will spend $28,766.40 just on snacks during their lifetime.” With that in mind, you should save where you can! Dollar Tree has a huge selection of healthy, salty, and sweet options. You can choose from various brands, sizes, and flavors.

Canned Beans

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Dollar Tree might seem like an odd place to go for your canned beans, but if you’re already heading that way to get some of the other items on this list, why not? Canned beans are useful for stretching meals and adding nutrition, plus they work well in a variety of dishes. Dollar Tree offers this source of protein at an affordable price.

Ice Cream

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Census reports “The average American eats roughly 20 pounds of ice cream each year, or about 4 gallons.” If you’re a fellow ice cream lover, get on down to your local Dollar Tree. The store stocks seasonally available ice cream in various flavors and brands. As an added bonus, items like syrups and sprinkles are also available.

Chicken Broth

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Another item you wouldn’t think to get at Dollar Tree is chicken broth, an essential cooking ingredient often found cheaper here than in other stores. It’s great for use in various recipes and ideal during the cold and flu season. Be sure to check out what the store has in stock during your next visit!


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Imarc Group says, “The United States has a strong consumer demand for oats and oat-based products, as oats are widely consumed as a breakfast option.” If you’re an oat-lover yourself, be sure to check out Dollar Tree’s oatmeal offerings! You may just find that the store has more affordable options than you’d expect.

Office/School Supplies

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While not necessarily a grocery item, Dollar Tree offers essentials like pens, sticky notes, and markers at a discount. If you need these items or other office/school supplies, this store is great for helping you stay organized on a budget. Dollar Tree’s stock includes notebooks, index cards, and envelopes as well.

Fun Party Supplies

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You may typically grab your party supplies from Walmart or a similar store when doing your grocery shopping, but Dollar Tree can actually be a far more cost-effective choice. If you’re hosting a get-together, you can pick up items like plastic tablecloths, cutlery, and decorations. As we mentioned earlier, Dollar Tree is also a go-to for boxed cake mix!

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