18 Habits That Scream Military Background

Those who have served in the military pick up habits that stick around for life, some of which prove beneficial as they go about their day-to-day activities. Many of these habits can be easily noticed if you know what to look for. Discover 18 habits that are dead giveaways that somebody has a military background.

Walking With Purpose

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Military personnel are known for walking fast and with a clear sense of direction, reflecting how efficiency and discipline were instilled into them until it became a habit. This can be easily spotted in civilian settings due to their brisk pace (something to keep in mind when someone overtakes you)!

Repeatedly Getting Distinctive Haircuts

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According to USMilitary.com, military haircuts are “essential to a serviceman’s identity, discipline, and practicality.” The habit of getting these cuts seems to continue when out of the service—and a preference for specific styles like high and tight, fades, or regulation cuts can be a subtle yet clear indicator of military service.

Quick and Methodical Eating

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In contrast to the more leisurely pace of civilian dining, people with a military background often eat food quickly, a practice stemming from limited meal times during their time in the service. You may also notice that they often methodically finish an item on the plate before moving on to the next.

Powerful Body Language

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Often seen in group settings, former military members tend to take commanding positions, with postures such as the “thumbs through belt” or “arms crossed” stance. These poses reflect confidence and a sense of control, a habit developed during their time serving.

Using Military Jargon

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Military.com states that military jargon is commonly used to communicate more efficiently and build camaraderie between soldiers. So, you may find former service members utilizing specific military terms and phrases in everyday conversation, such as “roger” or “negative.” This habit can be confusing for those not familiar with military lingo but is a real giveaway of their background.

Maintaining Physical Fitness

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The habit of maintaining a high level of physical fitness often persists even after service. You may find that ex-service members regularly engage in physical activity and exercise, with their fitness routine often being more intense than the average civilian’s.

Efficient Problem-Solving

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In the military, it’s important to be able to think on your feet and provide practical solutions to unexpected problems. All military members are trained to address problems swiftly and effectively. You’ll find that this skill is particularly evident in stressful situations, making someone with a military background stand out!

Keen Attention to Detail

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Often manifesting in their personal organization and punctuality, it is easy to spot someone who has been in the military due to their attention to detail. Ensuring things are done correctly and to a high standard is important while serving, which instills an observant and detail-oriented attitude toward various aspects of life.

Adaptability in Various Situations

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The dynamic military experience drills the importance of adaptability into the men and women who serve. Readiness to take on different roles or tasks as needed is vital for a military career, as shared by USNI. You may notice that former service members are quick to adjust to new environments and situations.

Demonstrating Resilience

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People with a military background usually have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, showing mental and emotional strength in challenging circumstances. You’ll find that this often manifests in how they handle personal setbacks or stress, making them easy to spot.

Self-Reliance and Independence

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A strong sense of independence is evident in both personal and professional scenarios for ex-military members. They tend to rely on their own judgment and abilities in diverse situations, as being able to make decisions confidently and independently is a very important skill to have while serving.

Assuming Leadership Roles

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Ex-servicemen and women often take the initiative in leading group activities or projects, as they’re effective in managing teams and motivating others. Leadership skills picked up in the military are just as useful in the private sector, meaning you’ll likely spot this habit in the workplace as well.

Exhibiting Respect and Courtesy

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If you notice someone constantly being extremely polite to you, don’t be alarmed! Chances are they’re ex-military, as politeness is deeply rooted in their military discipline and training. They tend to have a high level of respect in interactions, using terms like “sir” or “ma’am,” and are typically more formal than regular civilians.

Displaying Humility

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Displaying humility can be a giveaway that a person used to be in the military. If somebody shows modesty, a lack of arrogance, and a willingness to learn and admit mistakes, then odds are they were or are still in the service, where these traits are invaluable for building positive team dynamics.

Upholding Integrity

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One way to spot someone with a military background is to observe their character. An ex-serviceperson will exhibit honesty and strong moral principles, upholding ethical standards in various aspects of life. This integrity is a key element of their character and professionalism.

Demonstrating Courage

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The military has a storied history of bravery, and this remains true today. Veterans don’t tend to shy away from difficult or risky situations. You’ll be able to spot a former military member easily based on their tendency to face challenges head-on with bravery.

Commitment and Dedication

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Commitment and dedication are important values to uphold while serving in the military, and this personality habit persists outside of it. Former servicepeople show high levels of dedication to achieving their goals and a strong commitment to all their tasks and responsibilities.

Meticulous Planning

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Habits created in the military can be just as, if not more, important in civilian life! As shared by the Veteran Social Club, the meticulous planning involved in military service becomes a way of life for the men and women who serve. Their tendency to create detailed plans with backups and their avoidance of spontaneity can make it easy to spot a serviceperson.

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