The 21 Most Beautiful US Cities According to Americans

Whether it’s the charm of old-fashioned architecture, the awe of a stunning skyline, tranquil parks, or the beauty of surrounding wilderness, Americans have voiced their opinions on the most beautiful cities in the US. Let’s explore the top 21 picks.

Savannah, Georgia

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Walking through Savannah’s squares on a warm evening is something special. You can really feel the city’s old-world charm. It’s no wonder residents are so proud of their city. Imagine the moss hanging from the trees, the historic buildings… Savannah isn’t just beautiful, it’s enchanting.

Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston is on many people’s must-visit lists, and for good reason. Even if you haven’t been there, you’ve probably heard about its beauty. It’s like stepping into a postcard with its lovely old buildings and streets. Those who adore Savannah often find Charleston equally charming – it’s that kind of pretty.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Santa Fe is a place that sticks with you. It’s not just another city; it’s an experience. With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, Santa Fe’s unique culture and aesthetics make it stand out. It’s probably the highest-elevation capital city you’ll visit, but it’s the city’s distinctive charm that really takes your breath away.

Duluth, Minnesota

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Duluth might surprise you. It’s gorgeous in summer and fall, but even in winter, it’s a sight to behold. Imagine snow looking like white sand down to the icy shore – it’s actually quite beautiful. Duluth’s blend of natural beauty and urban setting makes it a hidden gem in Minnesota.

Santa Barbara, California

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Driving through Santa Barbara can make you want to stay forever. It’s that beautiful. People often reminisce about how stunning it is, and you can imagine why. From its picturesque scenery to its vibrant atmosphere, Santa Barbara is a place that you’ll probably end up searching for houses in, even if you’re just passing through!

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago is something else, especially when a thunderstorm is rolling in. The skyline against the darkening sky is really a sight to see. And if you’ve ever taken the architecture boat tour, you’ll know what I mean. It’s like rediscovering your own city. Chicago has a way of surprising even lifelong residents with its beauty.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans is a city that’s truly alive. The Garden District and the French Quarter? Absolutely stunning. It’s not just about the sights, though. Imagine walking around, soaking in the music, the energy. A friend from Italy said it’s his favorite city in the world – and you can totally see why.

San Francisco, California

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San Francisco has this undeniable charm. Despite its issues, the beauty of the city is unmistakable. It’s the kind of city that feels romantic. Think about the diverse neighborhoods – the burbs, the wharf, the hills. And the Bay! It’s all packed into a few miles, but each part feels like a world of its own.

Washington DC

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Washington DC’s beauty is in its history and culture. The area around the mall with its museums, monuments, and memorials is stirring. And the cherry blossoms? They’re like something out of a fairy tale. There’s something about DC that makes it stand out, especially in the Northwest section and Northern Alexandria.

Flagstaff, Arizona

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Flagstaff might catch you off guard with its beauty. It’s the perfect mix of charming downtown and stunning mountain views. It’s not as touristy as you’d think, considering it’s a hub for national parks. It feels surprisingly normal yet exceptionally lovely.

Tacoma, Washington State

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Tacoma has a certain beauty that might even outshine Seattle for some. Surrounded by mountains, water, and forests, it’s a nature lover’s dream. The city is still figuring out its waterfront, but that’s part of its charm. It feels like a city on the verge of something great.

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston has its own unique beauty. Parts like Beacon Hill and Old North are simply nice, especially along the Freedom Trail. The views of the skyline from across the Charles and the harbor on a good day? They’re really something. Parking might be a nightmare, but the city’s beauty makes it worth the hassle.

Juneau, Alaska

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Juneau’s beauty lies in its surroundings. The city itself might feel a bit bleak, but the landscapes around it are stunning. It’s not just about the architecture or parks; it’s the natural setting that makes Juneau beautiful. The Inside Passage of Alaska is amazing, and Juneau sits right in the heart of it.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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Coeur d’Alene is, honestly, a feast for the eyes. It’s this hidden gem in Northern Idaho. The politics might be a bit bananas, but the natural beauty is undeniable. It’s the kind of place you discover and can’t believe you hadn’t heard of it sooner.

New York City, New York

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NYC is a different kind of beautiful. It’s not just the tourist spots; it’s the neighborhoods, the parks, the architecture. It’s like the city has collected all these incredible views and packed them into one place. You might see NYC differently than other cities, but its beauty is undeniable.

Burlington, Vermont

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Burlington might just be the best town in America, according to some. The view over Lake Champlain is unreal. And Church Street? It’s a lovely walk with attractive shops and restaurants. The beauty of Burlington is in its simplicity and its stunning natural backdrop.

Laguna Beach, California

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Laguna Beach in Southern California is a dream for those who love coastal and mountainous regions. It’s a city that combines the best of both worlds. People who’ve been there often say it’s their favorite place in the world. It’s easy to see why – it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Tucson, Arizona

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Tucson has its own kind of beauty, especially when the monsoon sand storms roll in. Even in the intense heat, there’s a charm to the city. It’s the kind of place that might surprise you with its allure, making even the high temperatures part of its unique appeal.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh is probably the most underrated city in terms of beauty, especially in spring and fall with the changing tree colors. Coming through the tunnel and seeing the skyline for the first time is an unforgettable experience. It’s a city that knows how to welcome you back with a view.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Honolulu’s scenery is tough to compete with. Between the nature, battleships, and great architectural style, it’s a dynamic urban environment like no other. The mixed-density housing and abundance of parks add to its charm, making it a unique blend of natural and urban beauty.

Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon, is for those who love nature and the city. The natural scenery surrounding Portland is just beautiful. It’s a city that offers a bit of everything, from lush parks to a vibrant urban life. It’s the kind of place that’s hard to leave once you’ve fallen for its charm.


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