18 Most Disliked Banks in America

Many Americans dislike their banks, but some are particularly unpopular. Whether it’s poor customer service, hidden fees, or deceptive advertising, these banks are widely disliked. Here are 18 of the most disliked banks in the U.S.

Wells Fargo

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One of the “Big Four” banks, Wells Fargo is infamous for its numerous scandals and lawsuits. The Huffington Post argued that “Wells Fargo executives know that everyone hates them” and that attempts to clean up the bank’s image have been “thwarted by fresh, catastrophic scandals.”

Chase Bank

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According to Fair Shake, Chase Bank is the most hated bank in “Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and New York.” They noted that customers often had their accounts suspended due to the bank’s policies, making them unable to access their money for days or even weeks.

U.S. Bank

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The fifth-largest bank in America, U.S. Bank was founded 160 years ago. The bank has paid out over $1 trillion in the past 24 years in fines, penalties, and settlements and is infamous for opening fake accounts with their customers’ information.

PNC Bank

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PNC Bank has millions of customers in 29 states but is notoriously disliked. The sixth-largest bank is routinely criticized for its extremely long deposit hold times, harsh overdraft charges, and poor customer service. They are also being sued in federal court for unlawfully automatically withdrawing funds from their customers’ accounts to pay for credit card balances.

TD Bank

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TD Bank is particularly disliked in New Jersey and Vermont, with customers complaining of long wait times for customer service. The bank’s high service fees have led to dissatisfaction with the fee structure, with customers unhappy about the non-transparent fees of the overdraft policy.

Capital One

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A relatively young bank, Capital One is known for its auto loans, credit cards, and savings accounts and was the twelfth-largest bank in America in 2022. However, the bank also has issues with customer service, handling fraud claims, and hidden credit card fees.

Bank of America

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Bank of America is one of the oldest and largest banks in the country, with an excess of $3 trillion in assets. However, as Wall Street Zen notes, it is also among the most disliked, with customers complaining of long hold times, hidden fees, and poor customer service. The bank is also constantly being sued by regulators.

Fifth Third Bank

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Fair Shake notes that Fifth Third Bank is the most hated bank in Kentucky and Ohio, with hundreds of poor reviews. Customers dislike the bank’s aggressive sales tactics, deceptive advertising, high and hidden fees, and poor customer service, among other issues.


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SunTrust is particularly disliked in Georgia, with customers unhappy about excessive and hidden fees. Nationwide, customers dislike the bank’s account management, and there was a lot of uncertainty about their merger with BB&T in 2019.


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HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, hasn’t recovered in the U.S. from a scandal that saw it fined almost $2 billion for failing to act on money laundering in the 2000s. Investopedia notes that “it ranks among the most significant fines ever imposed on a bank for breaking U.S. law.” The bank has since scaled back its operations in America.


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Customers have similar complaints about BB&T, with hidden fees, long holding and processing deposit times, and excessive overdraft fees. The bank merged with SunTrust in 2019 to form Truist Financial and is particularly distrusted in West Virginia.


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This regional bank is the 25th largest in the U.S., with over 1,000 branches nationwide. Customers often experience account lockouts with lengthy resolutions, high fees, and deceptive account opening practices.

M&T Bank

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This regional bank is headquartered in Buffalo, New York, serving customers across the East Coast. Forbes notes that customers “must visit a branch to open certain accounts”; the bank offers poor savings rates and has “monthly maintenance fees on most accounts.”

Regions Bank

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Regions Bank is known for its excessive overdraft fees, with customers often receiving overdraft fees when deposits took longer to enter their account than the bank said they would. Its illegal overdraft fees saw it fined $7.5 million in 2015 and ordered to refund $141 million in 2022 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

BMO Harris

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BMO is the eighth-largest bank in the U.S. and one of the largest in the Midwest. Customers have reported numerous issues with online banking and digital services, inadequate customer support, and opaque fee charges.


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Citibank customers often suffer hidden fees and a lack of transparency in their bank’s account policies. However, it’s not just customers who are unsatisfied with Citibank. CNBC reported that its parent company, Citigroup, has been underperforming for years, and employees are often subject to baseless anonymous complaints that see their bonuses frozen.

Santander Bank

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Santander, a Spanish-based bank with branches worldwide, is disliked by some Americans for its account handling and dispute resolution. Customers complain that the app often rejects checks and has to be cleared in person.

Ally Bank

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This online-only bank is notorious for making mistakes in credit reporting that have disastrous effects on customers’ credit scores. Customers also dislike the bank’s customer service and resolution of online banking issues.

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