19 Things People Do at the Grocery Store That Are Actually Rude

There are 19 things that people are accustomed to doing at the grocery store that are actually very rude. Are you participating in one of these annoying behaviors? Find out with the help of this article.

Damage Fresh Produce

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“US grocery stores throw out 123 million pounds of food each day,” says Shortform. A percentage of that waste is due to fresh food being damaged. This happens when shoppers are careless and delicate fruits and vegetables are dropped on the floor and become bruised. This food has to come off the shelf.

Cough or Sneeze

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Many people think nothing of going to a grocery store while they are very sick. They cough and sneeze in the direction of the fresh produce. This causes germs to spread. You must avoid going to grocery stores while you are ill to prevent the spread of germs.

Abuse Samples

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Grocery stores offer sample products to those who may be interested in buying a certain product. It would be rude to take so many samples that others do not get the opportunity to try them. You should not take multiple samples of a product you don’t plan on buying.

Speak Disrespectfully

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According to Indeed, “the average salary for a cashier is $14.45 per hour in the United States.” Cashiers at grocery stores are not earning a lot of money and certainly are not getting paid enough to be spoken to disrespectfully at the till. Speak to the cashiers kindly.

Eat Produce

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Some people feel that they have the right to eat fruit from the fresh produce section without paying for it. They sample strawberries, eat the grapes, and some even go as far as eating bananas. But eating food without paying for it is stealing and very rude.

Cut the Line

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“The average person, throughout their lifetime, spends five years waiting in lines and queues,” says The Fact Site. Yes, we all spend way too long waiting in line. But that wait can become even longer when people cut in front of us. Cutting the line is rude.

Let Their Kids Scream

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According to Decibel Pro, “a human scream can reach decibel levels between 80 and 125 dB.” A grocery store is not a playground, and it definitely is not a place for children to be allowed to scream and shout. Tantrums should be dealt with swiftly to avoid disturbing other customers.

Block the Checkout

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Taking a long time to put your coupons in order at the checkout will make the cashier and those behind you feel frustrated. Milli Bank says that “the average American could save $122 per month, or $1,465 per year, just by using online and mobile coupon codes.” But make sure you get them ready before you join the checkout.

Abandon Shopping Carts

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When you go to look for a shopping cart at a grocery store, you will find they are always neatly arranged in the cart bay. Unfortunately, many people abandon their shopping carts in random places in the parking lot instead of taking them back to the cart bay.

Park Badly

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Parking lots have lines that you must park between to give more people the opportunity to park near the store. But some people park poorly and show a lack of consideration for others. As a common courtesy, make sure you park neatly between the lines.

Open Produce

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One thing that grocery store workers cannot stand is when customers open the produce. Some do this to have a look at the product before they buy it. But doing so leads to waste, and if you open the last product, it could mean that the next person has to go without it.

Forget Social Awareness

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Many people are so concentrated on what they need from the grocery store that they lose their social awareness. They forget they are surrounded by people and bump into others because they are not concentrating on where they are going. They even bash others with their carts.

Have Loud Phone Calls

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There’s nothing wrong with having a chat while you are in the grocery store, but you must keep an eye on your volume. Although the conversation you are having is very interesting to you, the people three aisles away do not need to hear it. If possible, use earphones instead of the loudspeaker setting.

Take Carts

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Because shopping carts are provided to shoppers to use for free, some people think that they are within their rights to take the carts home with them. Figures from CNN show that “US retailers lose an estimated tens of millions of dollars every year replacing lost and damaged carts.”

Block Aisles with Shopping Carts

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Some people are so concentrated when they are in the aisles of a supermarket that they don’t realize that their carts are blocking foot flow and stopping others from being able to move freely around the shop. Ensure your shopping cart is parked in a sensible position.

Get in the Way

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While you are shopping, it is really important that you stay aware of others and their movements. Is someone near you trying to quickly grab something off a shelf that you are standing in front of? Then it would be rude to ignore that person and not step to the side for a moment.

Leave a Cart

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Regardless of whether you have a handbasket or a large shopping cart, you must keep it with you at all times. Leaving a handbasket on the floor while you run to another aisle is a major trip hazard for shoppers. Do not abandon your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle to look for something.

Handle Fresh Produce

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We all want to make sure the food we take home is fresh, but it is really rude to touch various items of fresh produce with your hands that you are not going to buy. Do not touch fruit or vegetables with your hands, and then put them back on the shelf.

Let Their Kids Run

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You should never allow your kids to run through a supermarket. Children should be supervised at all times and be educated to know that the grocery store is no place for running. When children run, they knock things over. They bump into people and could hurt themselves and others.

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