18 Things So Expensive You Should Stop Buying Them

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, it can mean things that were once considered low cost no longer are. To save money, there are plenty of items that we can purchase to replace those that now cost more. Here are 18 things so expensive you should stop buying them.

Taco Seasoning and Spice Packets

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Frozen Pennies suggests making your own taco mix. You can buy all the seasonings and then mix them in a big jar, and it’ll last months. A benefit of doing this is that you can also customize your flavorings to suit your taste. It’s also great for the health conscious, as you can control which ingredients go in.

Frozen Convenience Foods

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A more cost-effective solution to this is to create any items yourself in bulk, such as pizza, and then pop them in the freezer. This option is not only better for your wallet, but it’s also healthier as you avoid any frozen foods. Homemade versions can cost a fraction of what store-bought frozen foods cost.

Individual Portions of Snacks

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A better option is to buy in bulk and then divide the snacks into individual portions. This allows you to have more control over your portion sizes, and you cut down on the waste produced, which helps the environment. There can be substantial savings by buying in bulk rather than individual portions.

Glasses at the Eye Doctor

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There are benefits that can come from purchasing your glasses online rather than at the eye doctor. For example, Nvision writes, “You can scroll through thousands of styles of eyeglasses in a matter of minutes. The price is often lower.” Not only can glasses online be up to 75% cheaper, but there’s also a wider selection.

Shaving Cream

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A cost-effective alternative to using shaving cream is to use conditioner or buy a men’s version. This avoids the “pink tax,” which is more often than not added to women’s hygiene products. You’ll notice how considerable your savings are over time, and conditioner leaves your legs feeling just as smooth as shaving cream.

Lip Balm

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Instead of purchasing expensive lip balms, it’s much more cost-effective to purchase natural oils, such as coconut oil. You can buy bigger tubs for the same amount of money as what a lip balm would cost. Using natural oils would also be better for your skin, as lip balms will be full of unnecessary ingredients and fragrances.

Makeup Remover

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All Women’s Talk writes, “Aloe Vera is a great alternative to makeup remover, particularly for those with oily skin. It is gentle and non-greasy, making it a great choice for removing mascara and other tough-to-remove makeup.” Not only is this natural option better for your skin, but it also costs considerably less.

Feminine Hygiene Products

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Instead of purchasing feminine hygiene products each month, a cheaper and more eco-friendly option is to purchase a menstrual cup. As it’s a one-time purchase, it means your savings will be significant. It also takes the stress out of making sure you’re always stocked up on feminine hygiene products.


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If you have an artistic flair, then a DIY mani/pedi is a great option to save some money. You can purchase plenty of nail kits that include LED lamps and are often the same price as a manicure, which means that over time, you’ll really start to notice the savings.

Juice Boxes

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Buying individual juice boxes is not only more expensive but also worse for the environment than buying juice in bulk. If you still want individual bottles, then San Jose Recycles suggests “purchasing a small reusable water bottle or thermos that you can refill instead of buying disposable juice boxes.”

One Serving Snacks

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Buying one serving of snacks is now far too expensive. A cost-effective version is to buy in bulk and then portion yourself. It saves on cost per serving and reduces the amount of waste you produce. With continued use, the savings over time will be substantial.

Sandwich Bags

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Instead of constantly buying new sandwich bags, try using reusable versions or purchasing containers instead. These options will still keep your food fresh. This is also a more eco-friendly option, as you won’t be throwing a sandwich bag away after each use. With repeated use, you’ll soon start to notice your savings.

New Clothes for Kids

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Purchasing brand-new kids’ clothes is expensive. For example, Today’s Parent writes, “In the United States in 2020, parents spent an average of $1,068 per kid on 52 pieces of clothing and six pairs of shoes.” Instead, try browsing through thrift stores to save yourself some money.

Disposable Wipes

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Homemade, reusable wipes are much more cost-effective than buying new ones all the time. Not only will they be more gentle on the skin, but they will also be better for the environment, as many face wipes aren’t biodegradable. Disposable wipes are known for being expensive, so purchasing a reusable cloth or creating one at home will help you save.

Disposable Diapers

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Diapers are incredibly expensive, considering how many a baby goes through. A cost-effective alternative is to purchase a few cloth diapers that can be reused. They’re eco-friendly and can be used in the long term, helping to create substantial savings. Even though they may cost more for the initial purchase, you’ll reap the rewards later down the line.

Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

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Instead of constantly having to purchase fabric softener and dryer sheets, you can switch to wool dryer balls and essential oils. For example, Smart Sheep Laundry writes, “Just apply a few drops of a pure, high-quality essential oil right onto the wool. The heat will disperse the oil, infusing your clothes with a delightful fragrance.”

Subscription Services (Streaming, Magazines, etc.)

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Subscription services can start to add up, especially when you lose track of which ones you have or use. To save money, you should curate a list of all the ones you regularly use and end subscriptions to those you don’t. It’ll reduce your monthly expenses as you focus your spending on valued services.

Laundry Soap

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Instead of buying expensive laundry soap, you can make your own to cut down on costs. Not only is it more cost-effective but you’ll also be using fewer chemicals and can create a customizable scent. You’ll soon start to notice the considerable savings per load, particularly when commercial brands charge so much.

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