19 Things That Won’t Appeal to You Anymore as You Get Older

Some things that really appealed to us when we were young start to become increasingly less enticing as we age. You’ll find 19 examples of these things in this article.


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According to TLC.com, “the average person gossips for 52 minutes a day. That’s almost an hour a day that is dedicated to gossip.” But as we get older, the act of gossiping becomes less appealing. We have experienced firsthand how gossip can be harmful and don’t want to hurt others.

Work Drama

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Are the people you work with catty? Perhaps some individuals are always making a big deal about things and starting drama. When you get older, getting into drama at the workplace is not appealing. You simply want to go to work to do your job. All the drama seems unnecessary.


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Life is so fast-paced that we end up having to complete many tasks in a hurry. But when we get older, constantly rushing around becomes tiring. We do not want to rush around like we used to when we were younger, so we take life down a gear.

Fitting In

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While we are young, especially in our teenage years, fitting in is extremely important. No one wants to be the odd one out. But fitting in and doing what everyone else does become less important as we get older. We stop judging our self-worth on how we compare with others.


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Some styles of fashion are very popular but are extremely uncomfortable to wear. Even though they are uncomfortable and often impractical, we force ourselves to wear them because we want to stay fashionable. When we get older, the desire to stay fashionable fades and we gravitate more toward comfortable clothing.


Man driving and listening to music
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Our confidence behind the wheel might diminish as we get older. “Driving can be stressful at any age, but many motorists find that they lose confidence as they get older. Sound, vision, and reaction times can be affected as you get older, which can make the roads daunting,” says Seniors Lifestyle Magazine.


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When we are young and working hard at building up a rapport in our line of work, networking is extremely important. We are always looking for new business contacts and trying to maintain the ones we have. When we get older and approach retirement, however, the need to constantly network dwindles.

Changing Careers

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Changing careers is something we are more likely to do when we are younger than when we’re older. The thought of learning a new way of working, commuting to a new workplace, and getting used to new personnel seems like too much hassle when we get past a certain age.


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While we’re young, we have a lot of energy. We can work a week of full-time hours plus overtime and still have the desire to go out on the weekend. Many young people do this every week. But as we get older, the desire to work overtime fades.

Overexertion at Work

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Many young people feel the need to overexert themselves at work. They do so because they want to impress their bosses and climb up the corporate ladder. But as we get older, our focus is on doing a good job and then going home again.

City Life

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When we’re younger, city life appeals to us more. We like the fast pace of life, and we love having lots of entertainment options available to us at different times of the day. But as we get older, we find city life less appealing and look for a quieter and calmer way of living.

Holding Grudges

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Holding a grudge is bad for us. Oprah Daily states that grudges “allow the feelings of the event to stay fresh or grow into stronger emotions—usually anger.” As we go through life, we see the importance of letting go of hard feelings and forgiving others.

Material Possessions

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While we’re young, we tend to think that material possessions are the most important things in life, and we spend a lot of time working in order to obtain these things. But as we get older, we realize that family is more important than the things money can buy.

Impressing Others

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The desire to impress others in our youth is very strong. But when we get older, we realize that we can’t please everyone, no matter what we do. So, instead of going out of our way to impress others, we do our best and try to be ourselves.


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Some people like conflict. They get a thrill from expressing their opinions and winning arguments. As we get older, however, seeking peace with others becomes more appealing. Instead of trying to prove a point, we try to find a middle ground with the person and move on.

Keeping Up-to-Date

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When we’re young, we spend a lot of time watching celebrities. We’re fascinated by them, and we want to find out more about their lives. As we grow older, we put more emphasis on getting to know our families and friends than we do on staying up-to-date with celebrity antics.

Holiday Rush

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There’s always a rush in grocery stores and around city centers during the holiday season. And when we’re younger, we like the buzz; it makes us feel more excited about the holidays. When we get older, however, having lots of people bustling around us becomes less appealing, and we try to avoid the holiday rush.


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Figures from CNN show that “the average American has $65,100 in savings—excluding retirement assets.” When we’re younger, we put a lot of effort into saving money. But as we get older and have completed many decades of hard work, we can relax a little and afford to treat ourselves more often.


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Moving is very stressful, but it’s something we’re prepared to do when we’re younger. When we’re older, we become less inclined to want to move. We don’t want to get used to a new neighborhood or have the hassle of packing or unpacking everything we’ve accumulated.

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