18 Things Women Will Do When They Truly Like a Man

If you’re struggling to figure out whether a woman likes you, there could be a fair few giveaways. For example, she may give you more of her time or show a high level of dedication. Here are 18 things women only do with men they like.

Making an Effort in the Relationship

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You’ll know a woman likes you because she’ll put effort into the relationship. This means she may plan special dates for the two of you to enjoy or go the extra mile to make you feel amazing. Putting effort into the relationship may even come in the form of buying you small gifts.

Offering Alternative Dates When Busy

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HackSpirit writes, “When a woman loves you, she’ll be way more involved in the planning to find a time to meet with you. Even if she can’t do Saturday night, she’ll say she can do Saturday morning or late at night after her plans.” Women will try to reschedule a date if they’re busy on the day you suggest, and they’ll always put effort into seeing you, no matter how busy their schedule is.

Putting Themselves Out There

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You’ll know a woman likes you if she starts initiating dates and conversations. This may even come in the form of some vulnerability if she shares any secrets with you. A woman putting herself out there demonstrates a clear interest in you and commitment to you.

Showing Concern for Your Well-Being

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If a woman worries about your health or safety, then it’s a definite sign that she likes you. She may even offer to care for you while you’re sick or in distress. If you find her advising on healthier ways to live, don’t take it as a dig and instead appreciate that she’s trying to help you.

Admiring You Openly

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When a woman looks at you with adoration and affection, it’s a sign that she likes you. She’ll appreciate even the little things about you, and then make sure to let you know this. You may even find that she expresses her love through body language.

Prioritizing You in Their Life


A woman will always prioritize you in her life if she likes you. For example, Frenzhub writes, “When a woman truly loves a man, she’ll go to great lengths for her partner’s happiness, often placing it above her own.” She will always consider your needs and happiness and try to incorporate this into your daily life.

Valuing Your Advice and Opinions

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A woman will seek advice from you on any personal decisions that she may have to make. She values what you have to say and respects your opinions. She will always respect your viewpoints, even if she disagrees with them, and will still engage in deep and meaningful conversations.

Discussing Future Plans Together

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If a woman feels comfortable sharing her long-term goals and dreams with you, then it’s a definite sign she likes you. She also wouldn’t want to make mutual life plans with just anyone. Make sure to always support each other’s future aspirations, as both are equally important.

Expressing Appreciation and Gratitude

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If a woman notices all the effort you’re putting into the relationship and tells you how much she appreciates this, then it’s a sign she likes you. She will always recognize and value your contributions to a relationship and will want to celebrate milestones that you reach together.

Being Comfortable with Silence

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The Good Men Project writes, “Some women may feel most comfortable and content in a relationship when they can simply be themselves around their partner. This can include moments of comfortable silence, where they don’t feel the need to fill every moment with conversation.” If a woman can enjoy silence with you, it’s a sign she likes you.

Looking Past Shortcomings

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If a woman is able to accept your flaws and imperfections, then you should take it as a sign she likes you. Instead, you may notice that she focuses on your strengths and positive traits. She will always be patient and understanding with you, no matter what.

Remembering Small Details

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Noticing and recalling small things that may be important to you is something a woman does if she likes you. This could be things such as remembering anniversaries and special dates and then wanting to celebrate them. She will also pay special attention to your likes and dislikes.

Making Sacrifices for Your Happiness

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Making sacrifices for your happiness can include compromising on personal preferences. A woman will want to support your dreams, even if it requires a personal sacrifice. She will be able to show her commitment to you through her actions because she knows how important your life goals are.

Introducing You to Family

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If a woman introduces you to her family, then it shows she likes you. It illustrates that she feels serious about the relationship, especially if her family is very important to her. It’s a way to share personal and family life because she is integrating you into her family and wants you to be accepted by them.

Supporting Your Goals and Dreams

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Something a woman will always do if she likes you is to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. She will always encourage you to believe in your potential and will only ever want the best for you. A woman will want to share both her successes and failures in life.

Sharing Food and Belongings

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Mrs and the Misc writes, “If a girl brings a guy food, it shows she values spending time with him and wants to facilitate that.” Sharing both food and belongings demonstrates an understanding of trust and generosity. It shows that they want to include you in the personal aspects of life and want to create a partnership with you.

Sharing Interests and Hobbies

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You’ll know a woman likes you if she takes an interest in your hobbies. She may want to learn more about what you enjoy doing during your spare time and see if it’s something she will also enjoy. It shows that she wants to strengthen your bond through shared activities.

Embracing Your Social Circle

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If a woman makes an effort to get to know your family and friends, then it shows she likes you. She will participate in any group activities or events that are important to you. It’s how she shows respect to you, as she will get to know those who mean the most to you and have been there before her.

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