18 Traditions That Are Past Their Prime and Need to Go

Traditions in society can be something that unites us and gives us a sense of belonging. They give meaning to certain occasions; however, many traditions were created a long time ago, and society has changed. This article looks at some traditions that need to go.

Arranged Marriages

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Many societies have arranged marriages even today. According to Gitnux, 55% of marriages are arranged, commonly in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. Usually, women are given away by their parents, and this can cause unequal power dynamics. Encouraging individuals to choose their partners is a better way to have healthier relationships.

Exclusive Gentlemen’s Clubs

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The exclusivity of gentlemen’s clubs is increasingly at odds with the principles of equality and inclusion in modern society. It promotes the idea of gender superiority and encourages exclusion. Having mixed-gender spaces helps boost equality and diversity.

Bride Price/Dowry Customs

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Paying property in exchange for a human being is degrading. Many cultures have traditions where the parents ask the groom to pay a fixed price or bring property before they are allowed to marry their daughter. These archaic traditions should be banned in the fight for gender equality.

Parental Expectations in Career Choices

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Many parents impose career choices on their children because they believe they’ll attain success on certain paths. Allowing children to pursue their passions fosters fulfillment and success. Goalcast says that passionate people are more likely to succeed. Passion for your job makes it easier to face difficulties and look at them as opportunities. 

Non-Inclusive Holiday Celebrations

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Several cultures and religions have holiday celebrations that are respected and followed. It’s therefore important that every holiday be recognized. Recognizing and celebrating diverse cultural holidays promotes inclusivity and tolerance for people who are different from us. It makes people feel accepted and encourages unity and understanding in society.

Keeping Women’s Surnames upon Marriage Taboo

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Women’s autonomy is essential in all aspects of life, including name choice. One’s name relates to their identity. It should be a choice if someone wants to keep their last name or change it. Forcing it on them takes away their power.

Monarchies and Hereditary Titles

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In an era that promotes democratic principles, the institution of monarchies and hereditary titles should be obsolete. People should have a say in who their leaders are. It should not be a birthright to be a leader in society. Monarchies perpetuate unequal power structures and privileges.

Tossing the Bouquet at Weddings

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In the past, marriage was viewed as something very honorable. Catching the bouquet at a wedding represented receiving blessings. This is no longer true for everyone. Instead, couples could opt for more inclusive activities that celebrate the diverse paths of all their guests.

Exclusive Social Clubs Based on Race or Ethnicity

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A lot of connections and business deals are carried out in social clubs. People create connections and get better opportunities. Excluding certain ethnicities from a social club fosters inequality. Many social groups are fighting hard to remove racial inequalities and give everyone equal chances and opportunities. 

Gendered Bathrooms

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Gender has become a fluid concept in today’s world. There are numerous ways in which people may identify, and the binary notion of gendered bathrooms is increasingly challenged. Male and female bathrooms lead to discrimination and discomfort for transgender individuals. Gender-neutral facilities promote inclusivity and accommodate diverse gender identities.

Gender-Specific Clothing Expectations

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Clothing was usually looked at with specific gender definitions. Women wore dresses, and men wore trousers. These traditional clothing norms can restrict individual expression. A female reporter from EliteDaily said she feels more comfortable and powerful in pants than in dresses. 

Religious Exclusivity in Public Institutions

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The concept of religion is increasingly declining as more people have more secular beliefs. Many religious beliefs are viewed as discriminatory, exclusive, and judgmental. Therefore, the separation of religion and state ensures fairness. Religious exclusivity in public institutions like schools and churches can marginalize minority groups.

Gendered Job Roles and Expectations

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Promotion of women’s empowerment and feminism movements are fighting against gender stereotypes. In the workplace, men were expected to take up positions of power, and women were put in assistance roles irrespective of their potential. This limits career opportunities and hinders professional growth.

Corporal Punishment in Education

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Corporal punishment was used as a form of discipline in many schools. However, the WHO says corporal punishment leads to harmful psychological and physiological effects in children. Positive reinforcement methods are more effective in promoting learning. Banning corporal punishment can help promote children’s rights and well-being.

New Year’s Resolutions

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People often make resolutions at the beginning of the year they can’t keep. It causes unnecessary pressure, leading to disappointment. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, individuals should focus on continuous self-improvement throughout the year. This approach results in long-term growth and avoids the pressure associated with failed resolutions.

Gendered Toy Marketing

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Children’s toys can affect how they think. It can limit their interests and aspirations in society. Breaking away from gendered toy marketing allows children to be who they want to be. Girls are not trained to just be moms and homemakers, and boys don’t have to be soldiers all the time.

Stigmatization of Mental Health Issues

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Mental illness has always been a common occurrence, but it was just ignored. People have always suffered from PTSD, depression, and other disorders, but in the past, this was stigmatized, and many individuals were shamed or referred to as crazy. Encouraging mental wellness and the provision of mental health services helps promote better health and well-being.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties with Excessive Drinking

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Bachelor and bachelorette parties traditionally involve wild partying and excessive drinking, which can lead to negative consequences. People sometimes get involved in activities that, at times, even cause breakups with their partners. Instead, these parties could shift toward activities that create memorable moments.

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