18 Reasons Many Seniors in America Choose to Stay Single

There seems to be a great number of single senior citizens in the U.S. But why are so many elderly Americans finding themselves on their own? You’ll find 18 reasons in this article. 


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According to the United Nations, there are an estimated 258 million widows around the world. Many U.S. citizens are single due to the tragedy of losing their partner to death. Becoming a widow is a traumatic experience, and seniors need the support of their families at this time. 


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The statistics from Bowling Green State University say that the divorce rate rose slightly in 2022 to 14.56 divorces per 1,000 married women. With more people in the United States getting divorced, more of our senior citizens are ending up on their own. 


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Many couples who are reluctant to go through the process of divorce first try separating. As a result of separating from their partners, many older members of society end up on their own. According to Marriage, 87% of couples that separate end up filing for divorce.

Life Expectancy

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According to Time Magazine, U.S. women now live about 6 years longer than men. Because the life expectancy of a woman is longer than that of a man, many women in their older years find themselves alone. The life expectancy of a woman in the U.S. is 79 years, while that of a man is just 73 years. 

Changing Opinions Toward Marriage

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With society’s changing opinion toward marriage, many older people are deciding not to get remarried when their partner dies or after going through a divorce. Some older people just want the company of someone else and keep themselves busy in the community instead of remarrying. 

Poor Health

Cost Of Healthcare
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Serious health conditions can separate older married couples if one mate needs round-the-clock care and the other is still relatively independent. The figures from A Place for Mom say that more than 818,800 Americans currently reside in assisted living communities. These circumstances often split up a couple. 

Financial Stability

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With more financial advice available than ever before, many seniors feel financially independent and are not reliant on their partners. Because of this, many are not seeking a partner after losing a loved one to death or after a divorce because they feel like they can support themselves. 


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According to Travel Perk, in 2019, 99.74 million U.S. residents traveled outside the country. Because travel has become easier now than ever before, many seniors want to take advantage of their freedom to see different parts of the world. When their partners are not interested in traveling, they’re not afraid to see the world alone. 

Different Interests

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Many seniors cannot decide how they want to spend their money or what they should do to fill their time. This has forced many couples to go their separate ways and spend their money as they please. Different interests have caused many seniors to walk through life alone. 


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Many seniors decide to emigrate and move to warmer countries when they retire. When single senior citizens do this, they might find it tricky to start a new relationship because they’re now living in a foreign country and find it hard to speak a new language and make close friends.


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Some elderly people find themselves forced to move from the communities they have lived in for decades when their health deteriorates or when they lose a loved one to death. In their new environment, these elderly people might find it hard to make new friends in the community and prefer to stay single rather than look for a partner. 


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Most seniors struggle with mobility issues that make it difficult for them to move around as they used to. Because of their reduced mobility, they’re not able to get out as much and have reduced opportunities to find friends or even a new partner. 

Social Opportunities

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Since retiring, older people have fewer social circles, as they’re no longer going to work and constantly meeting new people. The reduced opportunities for social activities mean that a lot of older people are spending more time on their own, and if they’re already single, they may find it difficult to find a mate. 


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There’s a lot of stigma surrounding senior relationships and marriages between people when they’re older. Because of this stigma and the way that new relationships are seen in the public eye, many older people will remain single instead of seeking a new relationship. 

Family Opinions

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Many older people remain single instead of getting remarried because they’re worried about what their family members will say. If their children oppose their potential marriage mates or fight with those who would be their future step-siblings, they might dismiss the idea of being with someone again.


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Due to the increase in internet scams and false information, many older people are scared to get too close to new people and let them into their lives. Because many people take advantage of older people, these people prefer to stay on their own rather than get to know new people. 


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With cohabitation becoming increasingly acceptable in society, many older people decide to live casually with a partner without getting married after going through a divorce or suffering the loss of their partner. These relationships are often more casual, and those who are in them might still spend considerable time alone.


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As a result of suffering for a long time in an abusive relationship, many older people decide to remain single after going through a divorce or losing their partner to death. They feel like they would be better off on their own and only remain in close contact with family members they can trust.

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