18 Baby Boomer Slang Phrases Millennials Think Are Terribly Outdated

While it’s easy for younger generations to feel like they’re steeped in slang, Boomers know that some of the best phrases have been passed down for years. Think you’re hip to all of them? Read on for 18 popular phrases of Baby Boomer slang. 


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This slang, popularized in the ’60s, describes something cool, awesome, or trendy. It’s the ultimate seal of approval, denoting a sense of style and positive vibes that resonated with the baby boomer generation.

Far Out

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When baby boomers deem something as “far out,” they mean it’s mind-blowing or extraordinary. It encapsulates the idea of experiencing something beyond the realms of ordinary reality, often associated with the psychedelic culture of the era.

Cool Beans

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“Cool beans” used to be a popular expression of approval or agreement. It conveyed a sense of positivity and enthusiasm, akin to saying, “That’s great!” or “That sounds fantastic!” It added a touch of playful charm to conversations.


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The term “righteous” held a special meaning for generations past. It denoted something morally upright or justifiable. If someone was doing something ethically admirable or fighting for a noble cause, boomers would wholeheartedly declare it as righteous.

Outta Sight

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To label something as “outta sight” meant it was fantastic, impressive, or truly amazing. It conveyed the feeling of being awe-inspired, as if witnessing a breathtaking view, a jaw-dropping performance, or an extraordinary event that left an indelible mark.

Can You Dig It?

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“Can you dig it?” was a catchphrase used to ask if someone understood or comprehended a concept. It was a way of seeking affirmation or agreement, often accompanied by a nod or a smile, indicating a shared understanding between individuals.

Keep on Truckin’

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This expression encouraged others to persevere or continue with determination. It embodied the spirit of resilience and the idea of pushing forward despite challenges, akin to saying, “Keep going, don’t give up!”

Grody to the Max

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“Gross” took on a whole new level with the phrase “grody to the max.” It described something extremely disgusting or repulsive, magnifying the sense of revulsion and emphasizing just how unpleasant or nauseating it was.

Don’t Have a Cow

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To tell someone not to “have a cow” meant advising them not to overreact or get overly upset about something. It encouraged individuals to maintain their composure and not let minor issues or inconveniences ruin their mood.


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This term was used to describe something as extreme or impressive in a rugged or unconventional way. It captured a sense of awe and admiration for experiences that were outside the norm, whether thrilling or challenging.

Hang Loose

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“Hang loose” was more than just a hand gesture; it embodied a relaxed and laid-back attitude. It conveyed the idea of taking it easy, embracing a carefree approach to life, and not getting caught up in unnecessary stress or worries.


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When baby boomers exclaimed “bummer,” they were trying to express disappointment or sadness. It conveyed a sense of letdown or unfortunate circumstances, similar to the modern-day expression, “That sucks” or “What a downer.”


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A “pad” referred to a place of residence, like an apartment or house. It was a cozy abode where baby boomers lived, socialized, and embraced the vibrant spirit of their generation.

Catch Some Rays

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To “catch some rays” meant spending time outdoors and soaking up some sunshine. It represented a desire to bask in the warmth and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of natural light, often associated with leisure and relaxation.

Sock it to Me

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“Sock it to me” was an exclamation used to express surprise or excitement. It conveyed a sense of anticipation or eagerness, similar to saying “Wow!” or “That’s impressive!” It added a touch of enthusiasm to conversations.


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Describing something as “funky” meant it was unique, unconventional, or stylish in a quirky way. It encompassed a distinctive and eclectic vibe, often associated with music, fashion, and a general sense of coolness.

Make Love, Not War

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“Make love, not war” became a powerful slogan associated with the peace movement of the ’60s. It promoted a message of love, harmony, and nonviolence as an alternative to conflict and war, encapsulating the generational desire for a more peaceful world.

Gimme Some Skin

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“Gimme some skin” was a request for a handshake or a high-five. It represented a friendly gesture of greeting or showing camaraderie, often accompanied by a sense of enthusiasm and a genuine connection between individuals.


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To be “faded” referred to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It denoted a state of altered consciousness or feeling a little “out of it,” often associated with the counterculture movement and recreational experimentation of the time.

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