18 Smart Things to Say When Someone is Being Rude to You

Being rude is often uncalled for, and it can be overwhelming when you’re on the receiving end of rudeness. It often catches you by surprise and makes you unsure of how to react. Here are 18 smart things to say when someone is being rude to you. Thank You According to Understanding Compassion, “If you … Read more

18 Reasons Your Grown Children Keep Their Distance From You

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18 Historical Events the Bible Got Right, According to Archaeology

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18 Best US Cities Where Housing Is Actually Affordable

Not every city in the U.S. is unaffordable. These cities all have a lower median price than the national average of $387,600, growing job markets, and a rich cultural history. Here are 18 of the best cities with affordable housing. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The City of Bridges is the second largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia, … Read more