17 Brands That Went Woke and Paid the Price

Spreading awareness about social issues shouldn’t hurt anyone. But when certain companies tried, albeit poorly, they were met with backlash and even billion-dollar devaluations. Here are 17 brands that have paid the most for being woke. Bud Light Bud Light’s little decision to send transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney one of its beer cans with her … Read more

6 Things to Do If Your Business is Affected by Flooding

Owning and managing your own business is tough enough without a flooding emergency. If you have recently encountered flooding in your place of business, knowing how to address the situation can save you time and, ultimately, money. Learning what to do in the event of a flooding emergency at your place of business can mean … Read more

Improve Your Women-Owned Manufacturing Business’ Eco-Friendly Practices in 2024

Switching to ecologically sound manufacturing best practices can result in savings and improved public opinion of your firm. The industrial sector emits about 20% of greenhouse gases, but your woman-owned business can help reduce that figure. Let’s consider a few easy-to-implement options that your manufacturing plant can use to create a green manufacturing plant. Conduct … Read more

Caveat emptor – Anton Kreil May Not Be Worth His $3,000 Price Tag

Everyone wants to be the king when it comes to day trading. Some people build their fortunes over years of hard work and dedication, while success comes seemingly overnight for others. Some people just appear on a popular reality show and instantly they are thrust into stardom. For Anton Kreil, this is exactly what happened … Read more

How to Know if a Company Is Worth Investing In

how do you know if a company is worth investing in

  How to know if a company is worth investing in? It’s not enough to know a company’s worth–smart investing involves researching a company, knowing important details like the stock’s 52-week average, and how the company operates. Is A Company Worth Investing In? It’s sad to hear otherwise intelligent people talk about wanting to invest … Read more