18 Cities in the US That Are So Bad You Won’t Want to Visit

While there are many beautiful cities in the U.S. that are well worth a visit, there are also some that you may want to avoid. This is largely due to high crime rates or issues with quality of life. Here are 18 U.S. cities that you won’t want to visit.

Detroit, Michigan

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Detroit is well known for being a city with very high crime, with areas that should be completely avoided. This is supported by the World Population Review, which says the city has the third-highest homicide rate in the country. Detroit also faced economic struggle, which has caused urban decay and a decline in population.

Baltimore, Maryland

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Baltimore has high violent crime rates, which include a notable number of homicides. Many neighborhoods in the city are affected by gang and drug-related activities, and this can make areas feel particularly unsafe. Efforts have been put in place by the city, such as police reform, to tackle these high rates.

Oakland, California

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This city has been rated as one of the most dangerous thanks to its gang violence. Oakland has high rates of violent crime, which include robberies and assaults. There are certain neighborhoods that should be avoided, including Eastmont, Acorn, and Webster, as they’re considered the most dangerous.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Albuquerque’s crime rates are significantly higher than the national average. A large number of crimes in the city are centered around burglaries and vehicle theft.

Cleveland, Ohio

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There are high rates of violent and property crimes in Cleveland, which affect the safety of the city’s residents. Some neighborhoods are considered to be much more dangerous than others, and these should be completely avoided. The city has also faced many economic challenges, which have affected its livability score.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans is so dangerous, it’s even considered the “murder capital” of the U.S. due to its homicide rates. There are consistent amounts of carjackings, shootings, and armed robberies. Certain areas should also never be visited, including Central City and Saint Roch, as these are the most dangerous in the city.

Shreveport, Louisiana

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Travel Safe Abroad writes, “Shreveport is not the safest city, with a crime and property rate that is higher than the national and state average. There is a lot of poverty, which generally means a higher crime rate.” The city has a high rate of violent crimes, including armed robberies and homicide.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Baton Rouge has particularly high crime rates, especially when it comes to violent crimes. Along with its high crime rates, Baton Rouge has also faced many economic and social challenges, and these have affected the city’s overall safety. Efforts are being made to address the crime in the city, with measures being put in place to improve safety.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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Pine Bluff has a high violent crime rate, and its residents face many safety concerns. Along with Pine Bluff’s high crime rates, the city is also suffering economically. This caused issues with its livability; however, the city is focusing on revitalizing itself as it sees the need to improve.

Little Rock, Arkansas

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There are high crime rates in Little Rock, especially violent and property crimes. For example, Exploreist writes, “There are certain areas to avoid in Little Rock, especially looking at it from a safety perspective.” There are certain areas in Little Rock that can feel especially unsafe, but the city is working hard to address this.

Alexandria, Louisiana

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Alexandria has high property crime rates, which can cause large amounts of concern for both residents and visitors. The city has also faced many economic and social struggles, which have caused many challenges for Alexandria. The city has made efforts to address both of these issues.

Gary, Indiana

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Gary has a high poverty rate, which has largely been due to its economic decline. The city faces many challenges with high amounts of crime, unemployment, and urban decay. While these struggles are ongoing, Gary is working to improve this and has taken initiatives to revitalize the city.

Port Arthur, Texas

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Port Arthur faced many economic challenges after an explosion in 2019. This is supported by Beyond Plastics, which writes, “After a pipe ruptured in 2019, 6,000 gallons of liquid butadiene rushed out and instantly vaporized, ignited, and caused an explosion that rocked the ground over 30 miles away.”

Passaic, New Jersey

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Passaic has a high population density, and this has caused many urban challenges within the city. It’s faced economic struggles with its residents having poor quality of life issues. Passaic has put efforts in place to try and address these issues and make improvements to the city.

Newark, New Jersey

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Newark has high crime rates, which are particularly apparent in certain neighborhoods. The city has also faced many economic issues, and these have impacted the development of Newark. Along with this, residents have also been facing livability issues. There have been initiatives to revive Newark and put more safety measures in place.

Flint, Michigan

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Flint faced a water crisis in 2014 that was ignored for a long time. This is supported by the NRDC, which writes, “Inadequate treatment and testing of the water resulted in a series of major water quality and health issues for Flint residents.” It had a long-lasting impact, not only on the residents’ health but also on the city’s reputation.

Camden, New Jersey

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Camden used to be known for its high crime rates, but after significant efforts were put in place, these have decreased. However, the city still faces economic and social challenges, and these are greatly impacting the city. Both the community and police are putting efforts in place to improve safety and quality of life.

Huntington Park, California

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Huntington Park has faced many economic challenges, which have caused poverty across the city. There have been efforts to improve community services and economic conditions, and these are still ongoing. Huntington Park wants to focus on its safety and quality of life for both residents and visitors.

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