17 Defining Traits of Someone with No Class

Do you know someone who lacks etiquette? People who don’t have any class always display the same 17 traits. Take a look at them in this article.

They Swear A Lot

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The New York Times says that “these days, we mostly cause offense by swearing because swearing is a behavior that causes offense. When we swear in a context in which we can assume those around us would prefer we didn’t, that choice is a sign of our disrespect.” Yes, swearing is often a way in which people show a lack of consideration for others. Someone who swears a lot can’t be called classy.

They Sit Awkwardly

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We can all sit how we like in the comfort of our homes, but when we’re in public places, such as restaurants, we need to sit like educated people. This means sitting up straight without slouching. People without class don’t know how to sit at a table.

They Interrupt Others

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Do you know someone who’s always interrupting others? They never let you finish your sentences. This kind of person is rude and demonstrates a real lack of class. They don’t think that what other people have to say is important, which is why they interrupt them.

They Burp

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Someone who burps at the dinner table shows that they don’t have any class. “Burping is seen (and heard) as rude and crude,” says Harvard Health. Although burping is a sign of approval for the food in some cultures, in most, it is not.

They Slurp

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People without class don’t understand that it’s rude to slurp at the dinner table. They slurp on their drinks and make slurping noises when they finish drinking something with a straw. They even slurp while drinking soup on a spoon. This kind of behavior is not accepted by people with class.

They Shout

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Do you know someone who raises their voice at service workers? Then this person doesn’t have any class. A person with class will watch how they talk with others and will always be respectful. They’ll be able to express their ideas calmly without shouting.

They Are Vulgar

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Do you know someone who always has to lower the tone of a conversation by sharing a vulgar joke with everyone? This kind of person spoils the atmosphere, especially when there are children around. They show themselves to be lacking in self-control and are not classy.

They Look Disheveled

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Someone who doesn’t put any effort into getting ready isn’t classy. This kind of person doesn’t see the importance of combing their hair or taking the time to put an outfit together properly. Perhaps their clothes need ironing or their shoes are scuffed.

They Urinate In Public

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According to CriminalDefenseLawyer.com, “urinating (or defecating) in public is illegal in every state. Someone who urinates in public can be charged under a state’s laws or a city or county’s local ordinances.” Urinating in public is extremely offensive, and no one with class would ever do this.

They Are Obnoxious

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We all know that person who has to be the center of attention and is very loud and obnoxious when they’re in a group. This kind of person is not classy. They want all eyes to be on them at all times, and they’ll do anything to achieve that.

They Dress Inappropriately

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We all have the freedom to dress the way we want to, but in some places, you’ll be deemed rude if you dress inappropriately. Someone who doesn’t dress to match the decorum of the place they’re visiting shows that they lack class and respect for themselves and others.

They Chew Gum

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It’s not appropriate to chew gum everywhere we go. A lot of people will find a person rude if they chew gum while they’re talking to you. If you go for a job interview and you’re chewing gum, the interviewer might not take you seriously. These things show that you lack class.

They Talk Loudly

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It’s important that we respect others while we’re out and about. Someone who doesn’t have any class will talk loudly on the phone. They’ll do this in indoor public places such as supermarkets and outdoor spaces close to others, such as at bus stops.

They Spit

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Do you know someone who’s always spitting in public? Then this person doesn’t have any class, as spitting in public is offensive. Someone who spits on the street needs to learn to respect the place they’re in, and they must also learn to respect others.

They Are Ungrateful

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Someone who never says thank you for anything might think that they’re too good for manners, but in reality, this person is actually showing themselves to be very rude and lacking class. Saying thank you to others is just a way of displaying basic manners.

They Boast

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Someone who boasts is not classy. Mantra Care explains why, stating that “if someone brags too much, it can make other people feel bad. It might also cause people to get jealous of what someone else has done or is capable of doing.”

They Talk About Themselves

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A person who lacks class is only interested in themselves. Therefore, when talking with others, they hog the conversation and don’t let others get a word in edgewise. They’re uninterested in others and don’t care what other people think or what they have to say.

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