Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs the Most

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason. There are many things we love about our canine companions, and there are many things they love about us. But if they could tell us how they were really feeling, we would also discover how many pet peeves they have about their owners. This list reveals 18 human behaviors that dogs can’t stand.

Yelling or Loud Voices

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A dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than a human’s. As such, while we might not be too bothered by loud noises or yelling, your dog may be more affected than you’d expect. Loud noises can make dogs feel anxious, frightened, and stressed, so you should do your best to create a quiet, calm environment for them.

Hugging Too Tightly

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Hugging is a natural expression of love and affection for us humans. However, while dogs don’t always mind a gentle hug, squeezing them too tightly will often make them uncomfortable. Many pups will feel restrained, anxious, and unable to escape when hugged for too long or too tightly.

Staring Directly into Their Eyes

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Humans see eye contact as a sign of interest, connection, and love. But as noted by Mayhew, in the dog world, direct eye contact can be seen as a type of challenge or threat. Therefore, while a little soft eye contact is okay, it’s best to avoid staring at them for too long or too intensely.

Being Inconsistent with Rules

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Dogs do best in consistent environments with consistent rules and routines. Unfortunately, we humans have a bad habit of giving our dogs mixed signals that can confuse them and make them feel anxious. Try to be firm in telling your dog what is and isn’t allowed to avoid hindering their progress and well-being.

Ignoring Their Social Needs

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Dogs are naturally social animals who need socialization with humans and other dogs to be at their best. A lack of socialization can lead to issues such as fearfulness and aggression, so be sure to take your dog on regular walks or playdates with other pups.

Overwhelming Them with Strong Scents

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Many humans love the scent of perfumes, colognes, and other fragrances. However, as noted by the Phoenix Veterinary Center, dogs’ noses have up to 300 million olfactory receptors, while humans have just 6 million by comparison. This means that strong smells can be very overwhelming for dogs. It’s best to stick to pet-friendly cleaning products and keep them away from strong-scented products.

Forcing Them into Frightening Situations

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Sometimes, in an attempt to get our dogs to socialize or face their fears, we end up pushing them into situations they aren’t comfortable with. This is not actually good for them, as it can worsen their anxiety and cause unexpected behavioral issues. Instead, you should make sure they’re comfortable and properly desensitized before challenging them with new situations.

Leaving Them Alone for Long Periods

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Dogs are social creatures who require a great deal of mental and physical stimulation. Leaving them unattended for long periods of time can lead to issues such as separation anxiety, destructive behaviors, and boredom. Consider investing in a pet sitter if you do need to leave your dog for long periods of time.

Lack of Routine and Predictability

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Dogs feel at their safest and most comfortable when they have a stable daily routine that they can depend on. On the other hand, sudden changes in their walking, feeding, or sleep schedules can cause them anxiety and stress. Therefore, it’s best to keep your dog’s routine as consistent and predictable as possible.

Dressing Them in Uncomfortable Clothes

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Some dogs are fine with a bit of pampering and dressing up. However, others will find clothing uncomfortable and restrictive. It’s okay to try putting clothes on your dog, but you should carefully monitor them for any signs of discomfort or stress. If they don’t seem to like it, don’t force them into it.

Not Providing Enough Exercise

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Some dogs can be highly energetic and need lots of physical stimulation every day to keep them satisfied. According to PetMD, failing to meet your dog’s exercise needs can lead to several health and behavioral problems, including excessive barking, weight gain, and destructive behavior.

Interrupting Their Sleep

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While dogs may have an easier time falling asleep than some humans, that doesn’t mean their rest isn’t as important to them. Interrupting a dog’s sleep can cause them to feel confused, startled, and stressed. It’s best to give them a quiet, comfortable place to sleep where they won’t be disturbed.

Using Strong Cleaning Chemicals

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As mentioned earlier, dogs have a very powerful sense of smell, so strong cleaning chemicals are often repulsive to them. What’s more, some cleaning products contain strong substances that can be toxic to dogs. For this reason, you should seek out pet-friendly products that won’t cause your canine companion any harm.

Not Allowing Them to Sniff on Walks

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Even if you’re in a hurry, it’s important to give your dog some time to stop and sniff on their walks. For dogs, sniffing plays an essential role in their social lives, mental stimulation, and helping them understand the world around them. Preventing them from sniffing and exploring can cause them to become frustrated, bored, and destructive.

Smoking Around Them

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Second-hand smoking doesn’t just affect humans, but dogs too. VCA warns that smoking around dogs can increase their risk of certain kinds of cancers and respiratory issues. Furthermore, dogs are much more affected by the smell of smoke than people. If you are a smoker, make sure to smoke outside or in a ventilated area away from your pup.

Excessive Bathing

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It’s good to keep dogs clean and groomed. However, bathing your dog too frequently can actually strip away important natural oils from their skin, leading to irritation and dryness. Most breeds will only need occasional baths unless they’ve been on a particularly filthy walk.

Feeding Them Spicy or Unsuitable Human Food

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While it may seem like a funny idea to feed a dog spicy or strong food, this can actually cause them some serious health issues. Spicy food can irritate a dog’s stomach lining and lead to other health issues. Be sure to do your research before giving a dog any food you’re not sure about.

Teasing or Playing Rough Without Boundaries

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Some dogs love a bit of rough play. However, being overly rough with a dog who isn’t comfortable with it can cause them to become stressed, anxious, or aggressive. It can also lead to significant behavioral issues later down the line. Make sure to monitor your canine companion closely for any signs of discomfort when playing with them.

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