17 Items That Are Better Bargains at Costco than Amazon

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world, behind Amazon and Walmart. The members-only warehouse store offers significant savings and bulk deals on items that are often unavailable or more expensive on Amazon. Here are 17 items that are better bargains at Costco than Amazon.

Bulk Pantry Staples

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Costco is renowned for its bulk purchasing options, which often offer significant savings compared to Amazon, especially for non-perishable items. Business Insider notes that its Kirkland Signature brand is “not only cheaper than other national brands but also has a reputation for being good-quality,” and that Amazon’s rival brands don’t offer the same prices for bulk pantry staples.

Organic Produce

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Costco’s bulk purchasing allows for competitive pricing on organic items, with better deals on organic produce than Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods. Costco is known for focusing on quality control and turnover, ensuring freshness in its organic produce selection, which includes seasonal items that are often priced lower than those found on Amazon.


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Costco extends the manufacturer’s warranty on electronics to two years, a year longer than Amazon offers. Costco’s exclusive member prices also often undercut Amazon on major electronics brands and models, and it provides free tech support for electronics purchased.


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Costco offers its members tires and installations, with cheaper tires than many of its competitors. It also provides balancing, rotation, and flat repairs for the life of the tires, which offers savings and convenience that Amazon can’t provide.


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Costco’s bulk package batteries offer significant savings compared to alternatives available on Amazon. Duracell manufactures Kirkland Signature batteries, and Kirkland Signature AA batteries are significantly cheaper than Duracell-branded alternatives.


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Costco offers a selection of high-quality furniture that often includes pieces exclusive to their stores that aren’t sold on Amazon. Seeing and testing furniture in-store before buying it is something that Amazon’s online-only presence can’t offer. As well as never marking furniture up more than 14%, Costco’s delivery and setup services for large furniture items are often included in the purchase price, whereas Amazon typically charges extra for those services.

Prescription Medications

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Costco Pharmacy often offers lower prices on prescription medications than its counterpart, Amazon Pharmacy. It also offers health clinics with various screening services. Business Insider points out that while Costco pharmacies are open to everyone, “only members can take advantage of the retailer’s massive drug discounts.”

Fitness Equipment

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Costco’s bulk business model extends to fitness equipment and includes periodic special offers and member discounts. Costco offers a range of weighted home gym systems, benches, free weights, and weight accessories that can offer substantial savings over Amazon’s prices.

Outdoor Gear

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Costco offers seasonal deals on a wide range of outdoor and camping gear, including high-quality brand names and cheaper generic versions. From Eddie Bauer, LifeStraw, and Cascade Mountain Tech, Costco stocks outdoor gear often at lower prices than the brands’ websites and Amazon.


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Costco gas stations are known for offering lower prices per gallon than some other local stations, which Amazon doesn’t offer. Business Insider reported in 2022 that it was considering launching “10,000 Amazon-branded gas stations” at its Go stores, but currently, Costco Gas offers convenient and immediate savings on gasoline.


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Although Amazon started as a bookseller, today, Costco offers significant discounts on bestsellers and a wide range of children’s books that can offer superior savings. Its bulk purchase options are a great option for book clubs.


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With competitive pricing on frames and lenses, Costco Optical provides substantial savings over Amazon, including its Kirkland Signature glasses and designer labels. The Motley Fool notes that Consumer Reports ranked Costco Optical as “the best place to buy eyeglasses” and “accepts most vision insurance plans.”

Pet Supplies

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Costco offers pet owners a wide selection of pet supplies through its Kirkland Signature brand, including dental chews, dog beds, flea treatments, and pet throws. It also carries high-quality, well-reviewed pet brands that customers can see in person in hundreds of stores across America, compared to just 23 Amazon Go stores.

Office Supplies

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Costco Business Centers are a great way for executives and Gold Star members to shop for offices for their small businesses or homes. The Motley Fool notes that these business centers are slightly smaller and less crowded than typical Costco warehouses. They will deliver to ZIP codes in almost 20 metropolitan areas across the country, often at lower prices than Amazon.

Seasonal Décor

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Costco offers competitive prices on seasonal items in-store and online, often for lower prices than similar items on Amazon. For large events or business decorating needs, Costco offers bulk purchasing options that can result in significant savings.

Kitchen Appliances

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From LG, Bosch, Samsung, and KitchenAid, Costco offers competitive prices on major kitchen appliance brands. It also includes delivery, installation, haulage, and a two-year warranty included in the price. The membership-only retailer sometimes offers exclusive models and colors not available on Amazon.

Wine and Spirits

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Costco’s private label, Kirkland Signature, offers a wide range of high-quality wines and spirits at prices that are often lower than what’s available on Amazon. Decanter notes that Kirkland Signature wines regularly come in “at close to 50% less than branded wines from the same regions.”

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