18 Most Common Reasons Why Women Leave Their Husbands

All women have different preferences when it comes to their relationships and marriages. However, there are many universal behaviors, traits, and habits that commonly drive them to divorce. This list unveils the 18 most common reasons why women leave their husbands.

Lack of Communication

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There’s a good reason why communication is often cited as one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Good communication ensures both partners are always on the same page and understand each other’s wants and needs, while a lack of communication is a recipe for misunderstandings, unresolved issues, and resentment.

Emotional Neglect

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Nobody wants to feel emotionally unheard or neglected. A lack of empathy, validation, and emotional intimacy in a relationship can quickly cause women to reconsider whether their husbands are right for them and their needs.


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Naturally, cheating and other forms of infidelity can cause significant and sometimes irreparable damage to a marriage. This is a deal-breaker for many women, causing them to leave the relationship at the first sign of broken trust. According to Forbes, 60% of couples in a recent study cited infidelity as the primary reason for their divorce.

Lack of Equality and Partnership

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It’s important for both partners in a relationship to feel equally valued and respected. When a woman starts to feel more like a maid or caregiver than a partner, this can easily cause her to feel resentful, disrespected, and unsupported.

Financial Strain or Disagreements

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Unfortunately, financial issues and disagreements can often put significant stress on a marriage, sometimes creating conflicts that ultimately lead to separation. The National Library of Medicine cites financial issues as one of the most common reasons for divorce. Typical sources of disagreement and conflict include debt, spending habits, savings, and incompatible financial goals.

Different Life Goals or Values

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When it comes to life goals and values, it’s important that romantic partners are on the same page before committing to marriage. Misaligned aspirations can cause fundamental incompatibilities that cannot be solved in any way besides divorce.

Physical or Emotional Abuse

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It goes without saying that any form of physical or emotional abuse is completely unacceptable in a relationship and should not be tolerated by either party. Women who find themselves in these situations often end up choosing to end their marriage.

Addiction Problems

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Addictions to substances, gambling, or any other pursuits can cause huge stress on a relationship, leading to financial hardships, conflicts, and emotional issues that are often very difficult to overcome. This is why many women with addicted partners ultimately decide to leave the relationship.

Loss of Individual Identity

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Women often struggle with identity issues in a marriage, feeling like their sense of self has been replaced by their role as a wife or mother. If left unaddressed, this can eventually cause them to leave their husband in order to rediscover their individual sense of identity.

Sexual Incompatibility or Dissatisfaction

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Even if relationships start off passionate and sexually active in the early stages, this sense of passion can fade over time. This often leaves one or both partners sexually dissatisfied, driving a wedge between them that can be difficult to overcome without the proper effort.

Growing Apart Over Time

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Sometimes, even the most well-intentioned partners can end up drifting apart over time. People naturally grow and change over the course of their lives, which can cause spouses to lose their shared interests and goals after years of marriage.

Constant Criticism and Lack of Appreciation

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As you can imagine, if either partner in a relationship feels like they’re underappreciated and constantly subjected to criticism, this can be terrible for their self-esteem and contentment. If their partner fails to listen to their concerns, this will often cause women to reconsider their relationships.

Incompatibility in Parenting Styles

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Sadly, even though it’s not their fault, kids can often end up putting strain on a relationship. Conflicting beliefs on the best way to raise and discipline children can escalate over time, sometimes resulting in separation and divorce.

Lack of Effort in the Relationship

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Women who feel like their partners aren’t putting their fair share of energy into the relationship are much more likely to end up ending their marriages. This dynamic can lead to a sense of unfairness, disrespect, and neglect that can be difficult to overcome.

Refusal to Seek Help or Counseling

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Sometimes, therapy or couples counseling is the best way to work through relationship issues. When one partner is invested in this idea but the other is completely against it, this can end up creating a rift that causes the relationship to fail.

Controlling or Jealous Behavior

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It’s normal to feel jealous every now and then. However, when this jealousy becomes a chronic issue that manifests as baseless accusations and controlling behavior, this can quickly make a woman feel restricted, suffocated, and unfairly treated.

Unresolved Past Issues

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It’s incredibly important to ensure that past betrayals and hurts are properly addressed. When neglected, these wounds can cause a buildup of resentment and other negative emotions that can end up putting more strain on the relationship than it can bear.

Marrying Too Young

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According to Prevention, partners who got married in their teenage years during the ‘70s and ‘80s were twice as likely to end up getting divorced. People can change a lot as they mature and grow older, so it’s understandable that women who marry young may end up feeling like their husbands are no longer the right fit for them.

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