​​17 Most Stolen Items in the US – What You Should Know

In the U.S., certain items are magnets for thieves due to their high resale values and demand. From high-tech gadgets to everyday essentials, this article unveils the 17 most stolen items, shedding light on what makes them attractive to criminals and offering insights to safeguard your valuables.


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Almost all of us have one in our pocket, and Aura says, “1 in 10 American smartphone owners are victims of phone theft—with 68% unable to recover their lost or stolen device.” Modern smartphones are expensive, fetching a good price on the black market, and the wealth of personal information stored on phones makes them particularly attractive to identity thieves.

Designer Clothing and Accessories

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High-end brands are always in demand, making stolen items easy to sell, and thieves often target seasonal or current items to boost their resale value. Often very visible on the wearer, brand logos and emblems are an easy spot for thieves.


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Often left unsecured, bikes are easy targets for opportunistic thieves, and there is high demand for second-hand bikes, making them easy to sell. Make sure to securely lock your bike away when you leave it, and when possible, leave it out of sight.

Laptops and Tablets

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Portable and easily concealed, laptop thefts are high in the U.S. due to their high value. According to Gitnux, “1 in 10 laptop theft victims experience identity theft.” On top of this, “Over 97% of stolen laptops are never recovered.”

Power Tools

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Often stolen from unsecured construction sites or vehicles, there is a steady demand for second-hand tools from DIYers and construction workers, making them easy to sell. High-quality brands such as DeWalt and Makita are particularly targeted, so be sure to securely store tools when not in use.


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Easy to conceal and timeless in style, precious metals and stones hold a high value, making them a profitable item for thieves. According to the FBI, “more than $100 million worth of jewelry is stolen each year, and jewelry thieves often use weapons in their crimes.”

Prescription Drugs

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Certain medications can fetch high prices on the street, and the American opioid epidemic has increased the demand for prescription drugs. Stolen prescriptions can also be used to commit healthcare fraud. To avoid this, make sure to keep your prescriptions and medications safely stored away and out of sight.

Alcohol and Tobacco Products

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High state taxes have made alcohol and tobacco products expensive, therefore increasing their value and demand on the black market, especially for underage consumers. They’re easy to sell, making them appealing to thieves, so keep yourself safe by safely storing products away from public view.

Car Parts

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Some car parts have high demand on the secondhand market; these include tires and rims for specific brands and models. Catalytic converters are also a desired item for thieves, as the precious metals, including platinum and palladium, have a high value.


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In a report, Statista found, “In 2022, around 7,916 pistols were reported lost or stolen in the United States, the most out of any type of firearm. Rifles, receivers/frames, shotguns, and revolvers rounded out the top five most stolen or lost firearms in the United States.” These items have high value and are hard to trace.

Personal Identification and Financial Information

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Stolen forms of identification are used for various forms of identity theft, while credit card and bank information can be used to make unauthorized payments and withdrawals. Ensure you always keep your personal and financial information secure, and contact your bank right away if a card or statement goes missing.

Baby Formula

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An essential for families across America, baby formula has a steady and consistent demand. It’s also high value, making it a lucrative item to steal and resell, and shoplifters often target these products as they are fairly easy to conceal.

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

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Small and easy to steal, high-end beauty products are particularly targeted due to their value and demand. Thieves also find they are able to resell to official retailers as well as through informal channels such as social media.

Electronics Accessories

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Easily sold online or in person, these small, high-value items are prime targets for thieves. Accessories such as headphones are in high demand due to their value and level of wear and tear, so be sure to keep these items securely stored when traveling.

Sporting Goods

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Items like golf clubs and fishing gear can be very expensive, and a strong second-hand market makes these stolen goods easier to sell. There is often a rise in these crimes during specific sports seasons, so be sure to safely store your sports equipment when not in use.

Video Games and Consoles

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New releases and popular consoles are in constant demand, and with a strong secondhand market, these items retain their value well, making them a prime target for thieves. On top of the physical product, the digital accounts linked to these devices can often be used to hack into other accounts to defraud the victim.

Pets & Pet Supplies

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High-value and rare breeds of pets are often targeted by thieves due to their high resale value. Thieves will also often use the victim’s emotional attachment to their pet to demand a ransom. Even high-end pet accessories are a target of thieves who are able to resell them easily.

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