17 Phrases Millennials Are Easily Offended By

There are playful stereotypes about every generation, and millennials are no exception. Unfortunately, sometimes these harmless stereotypes can take a more malicious and damaging turn, hurting millennials’ feelings in the process. Here are 17 phrases millennials are easily offended by.


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Millennials are known for bringing more awareness to the subject of mental health than generations before them. Unfortunately, some people are not so open-minded towards this important issue and sometimes call those who express hurt or discomfort “snowflakes.” Most millennials don’t take kindly to this dismissive and invalidating insult.

“Just Get a Real Job”

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Baby boomers are often seen as having a strong and stable work ethic, while millennials are stereotyped as having more non-traditional jobs and struggling to find the right career path. Because of this, some older generations dismissively tell them to “get a real job,” which is likely to offend most millennials.

“Entitled Millennials”

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There seems to be a stereotype among older generations that millennials expect too much from the world without putting in enough work. This is a harmful generalization that can shut down important conversations and disregard the complex challenges facing millennials.

“When I Was Your Age”

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Many millennials find themselves uncontrollably rolling their eyes as soon as they hear this phrase. It is often used by older individuals before they say something offensive to imply that millennials have it easier than they did.

“Millennials Killed [Industry/Product]”

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It’s easy for people to become attached to a particular industry or product, especially when it plays a significant role in their lives. However, that is not an excuse for telling millennials they are to blame for their downfall. This accusation is needlessly aggressive and overlooks the numerous other factors influencing cultural and economic shifts.

“You Need More Experience”

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This comment can feel very demoralizing and demotivating when millennials are struggling to find the necessary opportunities to improve their skills and gain experience. It can also pose a significant barrier to getting on the career ladder when employers use it as a reason for not hiring someone.

“Participation Trophy Generation”

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As noted by HuffPost, people from older generations will sometimes call millennials the “participation trophy generation” as a way to insult them for being rewarded for participation instead of success. This can perpetuate the harmful idea that only those who win and succeed in whatever they do are worthy of self-confidence and recognition.

“Why Don’t You Own a House Yet?”

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Economic hardships, career struggles, and constantly rising house prices can make it incredibly difficult for millennials to invest in a house of their own. As such, it can come across as rather ignorant and rude when people ask them why they don’t have a home yet.

“You’re Always on Your Phone”

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The recent rise in technological advancements has certainly increased the amount of time we spend on our phones and other devices. However, this comment can be used to dismiss the important role of technology in modern work, communication, and socializing.

“You Should Spend Less on Avocado Toast”

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As reported by The Guardian, some public figures have perplexingly declared that millennials would be able to afford their own homes and other luxuries if they simply stopped spending money on avocados. As you can imagine, this comes across as offensive, ignorant, and a trivialization of individuals’ financial struggles.

“Social Media Isn’t a Real Job”

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With social media on the rise, more and more younger people are finding careers online and through platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Unfortunately, some people dismiss the legitimacy of this career path by stating that it isn’t a real job, overlooking the skill and creativity often required to succeed in the online world of content creation.

“You Have It So Easy”

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Despite the numerous financial, housing, and mental health challenges facing millennials, some older generations will still declare that they have it too easy. It goes without saying that this will come across as rude, offensive, and ignorant to younger generations.

“You’re Too Sensitive”

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Millennials are conscious of the importance of mental health, respect, and inclusivity. Unfortunately, some older generations sometimes perceive this as millennials being overly sensitive, weak, or fragile. This comment can feel hurtful, dismissive, and unempathetic to millennials with real and valid concerns and struggles.

“You Guys Have No Work Ethic”

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Baby boomers are often seen as having a strong work ethic and a sense of discipline. But this preoccupation with hard work can sometimes cause them to judge others, including millennials, for having a healthier work-life balance or prioritizing rest and relaxation.

“Back in My Day, We Respected Authority”

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Some older generations seem to see millennials as lacking respect for figures of authority for no good reason. However, this comment overlooks the fact that there are valid reasons for challenging authoritative systems that may be unfair or outdated.

“You’re Too Young to Understand”

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While most millennials are now old enough to escape this comment, many will have had the experience of older individuals telling them they’re too young to understand various aspects of life. This remark can easily come across as dismissive, patronizing, and disrespectful.

“Stop Being So Politically Correct”

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Some people see millennials’ advocacy for inclusivity and equality as an unnecessary obsession with political correctness. While it may be possible to become too restrictive in this way, this comment is often used to invalidate important concerns about discrimination and exclusion.

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