18 Reasons Why Men Over 60 Feel Lonely

Men over 60 tend to feel very lonely. This is especially true when they retire. You’ll find out why loneliness plagues men over a certain age in this article.

They Are Poor

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Statistics from CNBC show that “about 23% of Americans over age 65 live in poverty.” Yes, many men in their 60s feel lonely because they have retired and have the time to do what they want but do not have the money to do so and are stuck indoors all day.

They Miss Meetings

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According to BMC Public Health, “approximately 50% of individuals aged over 60 are at risk of social isolation and one-third will experience some degree of loneliness later in life.” In many cases, older men feel lonely because they miss meeting up with their ex-colleagues and getting invited to work gatherings. They feel like they are missing out.

Their Minds Aren’t Busy

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“In January 2024, the average working week for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls in the United States was at 34.1 hours,” says Statista. Working more than 30 hours a week gives you a lot to think about. When men retire, they miss having a busy mind. Not having work to think about makes them feel lonely.

They Want a Routine

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Many men miss the workplace routine of always being busy. When they retire, some struggle to find the same satisfaction in mundane house jobs and get bored. Because they are bored, miss the office, and don’t have their old 9 to 5 routine, they feel very lonely.

They’ve Lost Their Partner

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Figures from Time Magazine show that “losing a spouse makes men 70% more likely to die within a year.” Yes, loss makes men, especially older men, extremely lonely. Approximately 60% of men who lose their partners end up remarrying or getting involved romantically with someone else within about two years.

They Are Divorced

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“Notably, adults between the ages of 55 and 64 have the highest divorce rate of any age group at 43%,” says the Jimenez Law Firm. Because of the high divorce rates among people over 60, men are feeling more and more lonely as they are now facing their retirement alone.

They Miss Planning

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Men are used to relying on their bosses to control their work schedules. But when they retire, they find themselves having to plan what they will do each day for the first time. Coming up with something to do and organizing days out is taxing for many men. So instead of seizing the day, they stay at home, feeling lonely.

They Have Health Problems

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Many people find that they really notice their health deteriorating when they are in their 60s. Health scares and visits to the doctor can be intimidating for a man who is getting older. If he has to go to these appointments alone, he can feel frightened and lonely.

They Miss Old Acquaintances

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When you commute to work each day, you get used to seeing the same people. You have a chat with the person in the coffee shop, see the same people on the subway, and interact with the people in your go-to sandwich place at lunchtime. When you retire, you lose this routine, and men find themselves missing their old acquaintances.

They Miss Teamwork

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While most men do not miss a lot of the drama that comes from working in the office, they do miss the teamwork aspect of it all. Although they keep themselves busy with odd jobs around the house, these men feel lonely because they wish they could work as part of a team to get the jobs done.

They Are Separated

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To avoid the legal issues and complications that come with getting a divorce, some couples over 60 decide to separate. Separating at this time can be very complicated, and make men end up feeling very lonely.

They Don’t Network

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Many people rely on networking and spend a lot of time interacting with business connections while they are employed. But the need to network disappears when one retires. Many men over the age of 60 miss networking and looking for new connections. Ceasing to network makes them feel lonely.

They Aren’t Satisfied

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Coming home from work after a long day makes you feel tired, but it also makes you feel satisfied, as you know you have achieved something. But this feeling will disappear when you stop working. Because of this, a lot of men struggle to get feelings of satisfaction from other activities, resulting in loneliness.

They Miss Rush Hour

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Men over 60 might miss the hustle and bustle of traveling to work each day on crammed public transportation or sitting in traffic with lots of people. They are now traveling at off-peak times when they do not see or interact with as many people, and this causes loneliness.

They Have Too Much Time

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Men over 60 who have just retired suddenly find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. They want to spend as much of it as possible with their families, but they could still be busy working. Because they are spending time alone that they imagined they would spend with their children, they feel lonely.

They Watch Others

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When you sit in front of your window and watch people hurriedly walk down the street, drive in their cars, and meet up with people, it can seem like everyone else’s lives are far more exciting than yours. Men over 60 who spend a lot of time watching everyone feel bored and alone.

They Dislike Senior Citizen Discount Times

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Many senior citizens want to make the most of the over-60 discounts for restaurants and movie theaters. But the times allocated for senior citizens to get discounts are usually quiet times of the day while others are working. Going to an empty movie theater or sitting in an empty restaurant can make a man feel lonely.

They Downsized

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Many older people decide to downsize when they get older. Because these houses are smaller and usually low-maintenance, there’s not a lot of work to do in them. Not having anything to do around the house can make men over 60 feel lonely and bored.

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