17 Rules People Over 60 Should No Longer Follow

There’s a notion that people over 60 shouldn’t be trying new things and must all be following the same steps, but this should not be the case. Instead, think of your sixties as a new decade you get to enjoy with more experience and knowledge. Here, we share 17 of the rules for people over 60 that we think you should break!

Having to Dress a Certain Way

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Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to start dressing like a stereotypical grandma/grandpa or that you can no longer follow fashion trends. Wear what feels good and expresses your personality, regardless of your age! There’s no need to shy away from current trends or style—fashion is a way to express yourself; enjoy it at any age.

Being Too Old for New Relationships

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It’s drilled into us that as soon as we reach sixty, we’re too old to find love or make friends. In actuality, this isn’t the case. You should embrace the possibility of finding love or friendship at any age. You should also be open to dating and meeting new people, including on online dating platforms. Remember, emotional connections and companionship are ageless!

Older People Can’t Do Physical Activity

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Another rule that is drilled into us from an early age is that older people should not exercise past a certain stage in life. This isn’t true! According to the CDC, “As an older adult, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.” People in their sixties can engage in appropriate physical activities to maintain health and vitality. If you’re concerned, consult with health professionals about suitable exercise regimens.

Having to Retire

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Of course, if retiring is what you want—go for it! But you may want to consider working or staying active in some capacity beyond the traditional retirement age. Retirement can be a fluid concept; focus on what brings you fulfillment. Balancing work with leisure can be more rewarding than full-on retirement.

Tech Is Not for Seniors

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As you get older, people may warn you away from new technologies or tell you that you won’t be able to grasp how to use the latest gadgets. It’s an unspoken rule—one that mustn’t be followed! Instead, embrace technology to stay connected and informed. Technology can enhance life, and continuous learning about technology can be both beneficial and enjoyable.

You Can’t Start a New Career

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Despite what you’ve been told, Rest Less says, “Changing careers in your 60s can have many benefits, including the chance to learn some new skills, meet some new people, and earn a living doing something that you genuinely enjoy.” It is absolutely possible to pursue a new career path or passion project in your sixties and beyond.

It’s Too Late to Learn New Skills

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Learning new skills keeps the mind active and engaged—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Whether it’s a new hobby, language, or skill, it’s enriching to learn. Plus, continuous learning contributes to a sense of purpose and fulfillment that you may lack in your retirement years.

You’re Too Old to Travel

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Travel can be enjoyable and enriching at any age, and there’s a world of travel options suitable for senior travelers. While some people believe those over 60 shouldn’t be traveling, you don’t need to listen. If anything, now is the perfect time! A Deloitte survey said that “boomers are back in big numbers, accounting for about a third of the traveling public during the 2023 holiday travel season.” Traveling can provide new experiences, learning, and memories.

You Can’t Invest in Relationships With Younger People

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Interactions across generations can be enriching and educational. And, despite what you may have been told, building friendships with younger people can provide you with new perspectives. These intergenerational relationships can be mutually beneficial and rewarding.

Believing That Your Opinions Don’t Matter

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According to the American Psychological Association, “As people age, they tend to become more agreeable and more conscientious. Older adults also tend to be better at regulating their emotions.” So, don’t succumb to the belief that your opinions don’t matter. Your experience and wisdom are valuable; share them. Engage in discussions and debates, because your voice is important.

Outdated Relationship Rules

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As we mentioned earlier, those in their sixties are often told they’re too old to date or that they should follow traditional, outdated rules. The dynamics of relationships and dating have evolved, however. Be open to modern forms of dating, including online platforms, and know that honesty, communication, and mutual respect remain key.

Stick to Your Old Social Circles

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It’s never too late to make a change, and there’s no reason to stick with what you know simply because people tell you to. Why not explore new social groups and communities? Engaging with diverse groups can lead to new friendships, and exciting social interactions are vital for mental and emotional health.

You Shouldn’t Embrace Change

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Change is often viewed as a scary thing as we get older, something we should shy away from and avoid lest it disrupt our lives. It’s time to break the rules! Recognize that change is a constant part of life and can bring new opportunities. You should be open to changing lifestyles, technologies, and societal norms.

Social Media Is Only for the Young

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This is another unspoken rule amongst the young themselves—that older people don’t belong on social media platforms. Thankfully, you can ignore them and do as you please! Social media is a valuable tool for staying connected, informed, and engaged, regardless of age. Seniors can benefit from the wealth of information, support networks, and entertainment available on social media.

You Can’t Contribute to the Digital World

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Similarly, you may not feel welcome contributing to the internet—let this thought go. Your insights and experiences are valuable in the digital space, and engaging with digital platforms can be both rewarding and informative. The digital world offers plenty of opportunities for learning and connecting.

You Should Have “Settled Down”

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There’s immense pressure on people to be settled down by their sixties, but as shared by The Independent, “It’s perfectly reasonable for someone to be content and independent, to not want to ‘settle down.’” Life is about continuous growth and change, and the concept of settling down varies for each individual. Embrace life’s journey with its changes and opportunities—and don’t follow any unspoken rules!

Not Pursuing New Dreams

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It’s never too late to chase new goals or revisit old ones. Age should not be a barrier to trying new things or taking risks. Entering your sixties and beyond, embrace the idea of lifelong learning and growth!

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