19 Things That Are No Longer Important Once You Hit 60

When we turn 60, there are so many things that we stop worrying about that used to really concern us. Which things are we talking about? You’ll find 19 of them in this article.

Rush Hour

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While we’re still working, we have no choice but to move around at rush hour. The statistics from The Fact Site say that “the average person throughout their lifetime spends five years waiting in lines and queues, where roughly six months of that is waiting at traffic lights.” When we retire after 60, we can travel at off-peak times.


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When we reach 60, we are close to retirement age. This means that we will soon be able to benefit from our retirement budget. Hardcore saving to put money in your retirement fund is no longer important when you get to the age of 60.

Work Drama

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Is there a lot of conflict at your workplace? Perhaps your colleagues find it hard to get along with one another. If that’s the case, it won’t matter anymore when you reach 60, because you’ll soon be able to retire and won’t have to put up with annoying work colleagues anymore.


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Yahoo Finance says that “As of 2024, the average retirement age for retirees in the U.S. is 64, with workers expecting to retire at 66.” When we turn 60, we know that we don’t have many years left until we can retire. Knowing this can make us feel indifferent about our jobs.


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We are all busy people, and we seem to spend our entire lives rushing. But when we reach the age of 60, we are no longer interested in rushing around. We’re reaching retirement and taking things down a notch, so we’re beginning to enjoy life in the slow lane.


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When we’re younger, we’re so focused on fitting in and what society thinks of us—because of this, we allow the media and what’s popular to mold our style of dress. When we turn 60, however, we have spent a whole lifetime trying to fit in and are now confident enough to wear whatever we like.


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Networking is important for us to continue climbing the corporate ladder and look for new business contacts. But by our 60th birthdays, we know that we will be going into retirement soon. Because of this, we feel like the need to always keep networking fades.

Public Transportation Costs

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Most people over 60 can apply for reduced travel on subways and buses. Some modes of transportation at certain times of the day might even be completely free for those over 60. This perk makes senior citizens feel unconcerned about the constantly rising price of travel fares.

Holiday Rush

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While you’re still working, you have to plan all of your vacations at the times of the year when everyone else does, around the holidays. So, you get stuck in the holiday rush. But when you hit 60, you approach retirement age and can take your holidays whenever you want to.

National Park Entry Fees

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According to the National Park Service, “U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 years or older are eligible for a Senior Pass… The Senior Lifetime Pass is valid for your lifetime and costs $80. The Senior Annual Pass is valid for one year and costs $20.” When you reach 60, you’ll be steps away from qualifying for discounted entry to national parks.

Leisure Facility Fees

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Memberships for leisure centers such as golf clubs and swimming are expensive in the U.S. But the game changes completely when you turn 60. Most leisure centers have benefits and discounts for those over 60, so you won’t have to worry about paying the full price.

Movie Tickets

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Many movie theaters across the U.S. have discounted tickets for those over 60, so you don’t have to pay full price. Cinemark, for example, has senior discount days for those over 62, where they can “enjoy discount tickets for any movie, any showtime, and in any format on select days.”

Your Company’s Growth

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When we’re new to a company, we do what we can to make sure the company grows. But company growth is not as important to us when we turn 60. This is because we’re about to retire, so we go to work with the goal of having a nice day without all the pressure of making a difference.

Work Pressure

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When we are new to our jobs, we’re constantly worried about making a good impression. Because of that, we stay late at work and work overtime. By the time we’re 60, we realize that work pressure from our bosses is just empty talk, and we work our regular hours, always making time for family.

Sitting On Public Transportation

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When getting ready to ride the subway or a bus at busy times or stations, we might wonder if we’ll get a seat or not or whether we’ll have to stand for the whole journey. This fear dissipates when we turn 60, as we’re able to sit in the priority seats allocated for the elderly.

Material Possessions

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During our youth, we tend to think that material possessions are the most important things in life. So we work extra hard to try to get as many as possible. When we turn 60, however, we realize that family and spending time with one another are more important than anything we could buy.

Impressing Others

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When we’re still young, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to impress others. If others are not in awe of our lives, we feel like we’re doing something wrong. But as we get older, we realize that impressing others isn’t important at all and that what is important is being comfortable in our own skin.


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When we’re young, we often hold onto grudges. But as we get older, we realize that remaining angry is futile and become keen to forgive others. As the Mayo Clinic rightly puts it, “[forgiveness] can help free you from the control of the person who harmed you.”

Keeping Up

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In our youth, we’re often obsessed with celebrities and what they’re doing. We spend a lot of time reading about them and watching them on TV. When we get older, however, we put more emphasis on finding out more about our families and spend more time with them than we do obsessing over celebrities.

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