Tips for Buying Jewelry Worth the Investment

When deciding on investment opportunities, many people choose to invest in jewelry. According to online shopping advisers SaveMyCent, in 2021, the U.S. jewelry market was worth almost $34 billion. If you’re new to investing in jewelry, you may need to learn how to tell which jewelry is worth the investment. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Jewelry Is a Good Investment

Jewelry is a wise investment because it can be purchased relatively cheaply and resold later. Russell Fogarty, former head of Christie’s jewelry department, advised that a piece of jewelry is a good investment if it’s “vintage, high quality, in good condition, beautiful, and signed by the manufacturer.” Fogarty continued by saying if a piece of jewelry meets those guidelines, its value will likely increase.

2. Pawning Jewelry Is an Option

If you’re facing a challenge in the finance aspect of your life, you can take your jewelry to a pawn shop. Statistics show almost 4% of Americans will pawn their fine watches if they need extra funds. The best thing about pawning jewelry is that you can repurchase your jewelry when you become prosperous again.

3. Learn the Basics of Investment

One of the most important things to prioritize when purchasing jewelry for investment is to look for good quality. For example, machine-made jewelry is typically less valuable than handmade jewelry. Look for famous brands like Tiffany, whose jewelry will always have a good resale value. If you’re looking at a ring, it should have a stamp inside the band to determine its brand.

4. Checking the Jewelry’s Future Value

Another aspect to consider is whether a currently trending piece will keep trending in the future. To discover more about jewelry trends, check online jewelry ezines like National Jeweler or International Gem Society. When you purchase fine jewelry, get a value certificate from the jeweler. This certificate should be from a gemological lab.

5. Gold Is an Excellent Investment

Many investors agree that gold jewelry is a good investment. Jewelry buyers have consistently purchased gold, and gold demand will likely remain the same. To illustrate this, an ounce of gold in 1975 was worth about $80. However, the price increased to just over $300 by the early 2000s and then jumped to $2000 an ounce by 2020. 4

6. Facts About Gold Jewelry

If you’ve decided to invest in gold jewelry, experts recommend looking for pieces that are at least 18 karats. You may be interested to learn that, according to the USGS, white gold is typically an alloy of approximately 3/4 gold and 1/4 nickel and zinc. This division means if a piece of jewelry is labeled as 18K golf, it is typically an alloy of approximately 3/4 gold and 1/4 nickel and zinc. If a piece of jewelry is labeled 18K gold, it will be about 75% gold.

7. Gems Are Another Wise Investment

When jewelry includes gemstones, look for high-quality gemstones of good quality. The priority when choosing gems is looking for the highest carat value and classic colors. The highest quality gemstones are rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. These stones are likely to grow in value since fewer are found while their demand remains steady.

8. Rare Gemstones to Consider

Rare gemstones have always been a good investment. Despite their high sales price, their resale prices are worth the investment years later. Examples of these gems include Padparadscha sapphires, alexandrite, Paraiba tourmalines, and cobalt rubies.

Learning to choose the right jewelry for investment can be a process. By following some of the above guidelines, you can make some wise initial investments. As time goes by, you can learn from other investors. To gain more knowledge, consider joining an organization like the Gemological Institute of America or the National Jeweler Association.