18 Weird Smells We All Love

Everyone has their own unique scent preferences, some of which are weirder than others. In this article, we’re going to share 18 unique and odd smells that, strangely enough, a lot of us secretly adore. From gasoline to new books—let’s dive in!


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Does the smell of sawdust entice you? You’re not alone! Many enjoy this scent, which is reminiscent of woodwork and craftsmanship. It’s a symbol of productivity and creation. The smell is stronger and more pronounced when freshly cut, which is the best time to get a whiff.


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Petrichor is the scent of rain on dry land. It’s an earthy, fresh, and somewhat sweet smell that people often seem to enjoy. It’s essentially a mixture of plant oils, bacterial spores, and ozone. There’s just something about this strange smell that’s so good!

Freshly Cut Grass

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Another weird smell that lots of people love is freshly mowed grass. According to Science Illustrated, “The pheromones emitted by freshly-mown grass are known as GLVs—short for green leaf volatiles. Scientists believe that GLVs smell good because they remind us of food.”

New Paperback Books

Man reading book
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When you open up a new book, do you find yourself leaning in for a sniff? The combination of fresh paper, ink, and glue is addictive! It’s totally different from the smell of old books, which people also love, and it evokes nostalgia and the love of reading.


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The smell of sunscreen reminds many people of summer, swimming, and leisure activities. Each brand has its own unique aroma but shares some qualities, conjuring images of beaches and relaxed vacations, making it a fragrance that goes beyond its protective purpose​.

Wet Ground and Moisture After a Storm

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There’s a certain allure to the smell of wet ground following a storm, offering a refreshing and revitalizing sensation. It’s a similar scent to petrichor, but focuses on the aftermath—often a welcome smell, signaling the end of a hot, dry spell.

Modeling Clay

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Perhaps it’s because the smell of clay gives people a throwback to their childhood creativity, or maybe it’s just the distinctive, earthy, and slightly sweet smell that clay has that draws people in. All we know is that as soon as you enter an art classroom or studio and get a whiff, you don’t want to leave.


work gas
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You may be too proud to admit it, but let’s be honest—the smell of gasoline is weirdly irresistible. As shared by Hemmings, “When someone takes a whiff of fuel vapor, it releases a quick dose of dopamine to the brain.” The strong, pungent, and unmistakable scent also evokes memories of road trips or filling stations.

Freshly Ground Coffee

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The aroma of freshly ground coffee is often enjoyed even by those who don’t like the taste of the drink itself, which is what makes it so weird. This inviting scent is different from that of brewed coffee, acting as an aromatic wake-up call in the morning.


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The warm, slightly burnt, and homey smell of toast is oh-so enticing. Despite the fact that it’s literally just plain bread, it’s a universal symbol of a simple yet comforting breakfast. The scent might also remind you of busy mornings or leisurely weekends—another reason why people love it.


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Particularly loved by equestrians and animal enthusiasts, the smell of horses provides a mix of animal warmth and the outdoors—and no, we’re not talking about the not-so-pleasant associated barnyard smells. For many horse riders, the smell of their horse, or even other horses, brings a sense of comfort and connection.

Disney VHS Cases

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For many who grew up in the ’90s, the smell of Disney VHS cases holds a special place in their hearts. The unique combination of plastic and ink creates nostalgia for people’s childhood and favorite movies. It’s a scent that can transport someone back to times spent sitting on the living room floor!

Burnt Rubber

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The smell of burnt rubber is an unexpected favorite for some, though it can also be a sign of a problem if you smell it in your car. The scent is typically associated with motorsports or industrial activities—a strong, acrid smell that is hard to miss. For enthusiasts, it can evoke the excitement and energy of racing tracks or mechanical workspaces.

Hotel Pools

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Do you enjoy the distinct chlorine and humidity mix that often comes with hotel pools? It’s an enticing, though rather odd, smell to love—but many people do! People often associate the scent with vacations and relaxation, so the brain automatically comes to love it.


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If you don’t own a bird or haven’t been around many in your lifetime, you’re likely not familiar with this smell. If you’re an owner or enthusiast, however, then you likely love it—a mix of feathers, bird feed, and a hint of the wild. It’s often described as comforting by pet owners.

Freshly Photocopied Paper

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Another odd smell that many people love is freshly photocopied or printed paper. The unique blend of warm paper and toner can evoke memories of offices, schools, or libraries—or just the combination of smells itself is attractive to some.


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According to the NIH, it’s not unusual to like the smell of someone’s body odor, but liking the smell of someone’s urine is quite the oddity. We’ll admit that it’s a surprising entry on this list, but it is noted by some.

Hospital Corridors

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The smell of hospital corridors, a mix of sanitation products and sterility, evokes a sense of safety for some. The clean, clinical aroma is often linked to personal experiences or professional environments. For those who find comfort in it, the smell of a hospital can signify cleanliness, care, and a trusted healthcare environment.

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