Why Didn’t I Think of That? 17 Genius Life Hacks You’ll Want to Know

Life hacks make our lives easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable. Are you ready to see 17 genius life hacks that people are going crazy about right now? Then you’ll find them up next in this article. 

Adhesives Under Ornaments

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It’s so annoying when someone accidentally brushes past your nice ornaments, statues, or fragile figurines and they fall onto the floor and break. To prevent this from happening, stick double-sided adhesive underneath your knick-knacks to affix them firmly onto surfaces. This way, they’ll stay out of danger of falling and breaking. 

Nail Polish on Keys

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It’s frustrating and time-consuming to fiddle with keys and try to find out which ones are for which doors. To simplify this, put a dot of nail polish in a certain color for your front door and in another color for any other key you use a lot. 

Packaging in Trash Bags

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According to Business Waste, “40% of plastic waste is from packaging. The world creates 141 million [tons] of plastic packaging a year.” To put your waste packaging to good use, use the bags to put fresh food waste in and stop it from dripping inside trash bags.

Stainless Steel Ice

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We all love to sip cool drinks in the summer, but it’s not nice when the ice melts and waters down your drink. To prevent this from happening, buy stainless steel ice cubes that are meant for freezing. Add these to your drinks to cool them down. 

Milk in Jars

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Trying to scrape out the last bit of chocolate spread from the jar is hard work. To make the job easier, add a dash of warm milk to the jar, put the lid back on it, and then swirl it around. This will make it easier to remove.

Adhesive Hooks

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Do you live in a rented place where you’re not allowed to make holes in the walls? Then heavy-duty adhesive hooks will help you hang items around your house without using nails. You can even hang curtain rods and curtains using a couple of heavy-duty hooks. 

Emergency Contact Cards

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Data from the CDC shows that there were 139.8 million visits to emergency departments in the U.S. in 2021. To make the job of paramedics easier, always carry an emergency contact card with details of any allergies you have in your wallet.

Slow Feeder

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Are you going to be out of town for a couple of days? Cats are independent creatures, but they can’t feed themselves. To solve this problem without getting a cat sitter, use a slow feeder that will release the cat food in small portions once a day. 

Newspaper on Cabinet Tops

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Cleaning on top of kitchen cabinets is awkward, messy, and laborious. To save yourself the job, place a sheet of newspaper on top of the cabinet. Place the sheets all around the cabinet tops. When they become dusty, you can just take them off and replace them.

Suitcase Ties

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Being unable to identify your suitcase at the airport is very frustrating. So many of the cases look the same. To help yours stand out from the others, tie a piece of bright fabric on each of the handles. This will help you recognize yours quickly. 

Valuables in a Bottle

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The figures from GlobalData show that “the market size of the travel and tourism sector globally reached a value of $631 billion in 2021.” Traveling to the beach is popular with many. To prevent your valuables from being stolen at the beach, put them in an empty sun tan lotion bottle.

Baking Mats

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Scrubbing baking dishes after cooking something in the oven is no fun. To save yourself from this job, lay your food on baking mats before putting it in the oven. Non-stick baking mats are easy to clean and prevent you from making a mess of your baking dishes. 

Lemon on Highlights

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If you highlight something on paper and wish to remove the marks, all is not lost. You can put lemon on the paper and this will remove the highlighted marks just as if you had rubbed out pencil using an eraser. This will make your textbooks new again.

Cheese in Parchment Paper

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Cheese lasts for longer in the refrigerator when it can breathe. To keep your cheese more fresh for longer, wrap it in parchment paper when storing it. This is a better solution than putting the cheese in a container or a food bag in the refrigerator. 

Coffee Ice Cubes

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“Drinks with cold foam are the fast-growing customized orders at Starbucks,” says CNN. If you love extra cold iced coffee, make some coffee, pour it into ice trays, and freeze it. You can now put lots of coffee ice cubes in your cup without watering down your drink. 

Spaghetti to Light Candles

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When your candle is almost finished, it can be tricky to light the wick because it has burned right down to the bottom of the candle holder. Light this wick by using your lighter to ignite a flame on a piece of spaghetti and lower it.

Air Freshener on HVAC

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Does your house smell stuffy? Then to eliminate the bad smell, you should stick an air freshener in front of your HVAC cooling system. When you turn the system on, the cold air will blow on the air freshener, spreading its welcoming scent around your home.

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