4 Ways to Make Your Business More Personable

Often, what sets one business apart from another is its ability to be personable and develop relationships with its customers. Though this comes fairly naturally for small-scale “mom-and-pop” style businesses, it may be trickier to navigate with a larger business or online-based business. However, there are still plenty of ways to add a “human” touch to even the biggest of companies. Here’s how.

Get a Business Phone Number

With more and more of our business happening online (think online retail, instant downloads, etc), it’s tempting to think that there’s no need to have a business phone number, but there are plenty of reasons someone might want to reach you over the phone — a customer with a question about an order, a journalist looking to interview you, or a prospective business sponsor hoping to connect. By providing people with a means of getting in touch with a real, live human being, you can set your business apart from the rest. Though it may seem like a bit of an investment to make a business number happen, it’s actually quite affordable, with VoIP numbers opening the door to running phone systems anywhere you have a stable internet connection. Consider choosing a toll free number for business to ensure that cost (i.e. from long-distance call fees) is never a barrier for people connecting with you. You can also consider adding a local phone number to your virtual business phone system; this may increase your chances of connecting on your outgoing phone calls, since people in your region are more likely to pick up calls from a local number.

Serve Your Audience

Serving your audience is the best way to build trust with them, long before you even make a sale. As Rand Fishkin puts it, “The best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.” You can accomplish this by providing value through helpful blogs, email nurture sequences, free downloads, or even social media groups. If you master the art of serving, people will begin to recognize that you’re not just trying to take their money, you’re actually there to help.

Show Up on Social Media

In addition to connecting with your audience through email and blog posts, make the time to build a presence on social media — then show up consistently. Post regularly, so people continue to make touchpoints with your business. Try sharing about your business, your story (and your employees’ stories), tips and tricks of your trade, your sources of inspiration, behind-the-scenes views of your work, and so on. In addition, make it a priority to keep the dialogue going: include a call to action on your posts, respond to people’s comments and messages, and interact with others’ posts as well. Finally, don’t hide your face (and the other faces of employees in your business): people can connect with your business on a much deeper level when they see the people behind it on a regular basis.

Add a Personal Touch

Think about your various experiences shopping online. Perhaps you’ve ordered something from a big-box retailer and had an average experience: the item arrived on time, in good condition, and so you unwrapped it and went on with your day. But think about times you’ve ordered a handmade item or an item from a specialty store or boutique: you anticipated the arrival of the special item, carefully opened the unique packaging, perhaps even took the time to read the note that came with it, and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the little extras that were enclosed with the item you ordered. You might have even shared an unboxing video with your circles, or posted a picture of yourself happily using the item on your own social media feeds. Perhaps you even returned to the website you ordered from to leave a glowing review. It may have taken a little extra time and money for the specialty store to process your order, but consider how it made you feel and how much more motivated you were to share your prize with the world. Those little personal touches go a long way in how people perceive and share your business with others.

Making your business personal has the potential to set it apart from the pack. By connecting with your audience, giving them more ways to talk with you, and seeking to serve them first, you add the “human” element so many businesses are lacking — resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction, and thus, more growth for your business.

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