How to Find the Best Fee-Only Financial Advisor

There is strength in numbers, and as you strive to secure your financial future, enlisting professional services could considerably enhance the progress. Hiring financial advisors comes in handy in various ways, but for you to realize them, you need teamwork that makes the dream work. This means that your financial advisor should be pulling in the same direction as your monetary aspirations. This is possible with fee only financial advisors, noting that they are solely committed to providing advice and practical strategies, unlike traditional commission-based services.

Fee-only financial advisors won’t strive to pitch a financial product and push it to earn a commission, considerably lowering conflict of interest. While their services go a long way in enhancing your financial performance, due diligence is advised to ensure that you hire a reliable and reputable service. Here are a few pointers to help you narrow your search and find the best match for your needs.


Your relatives, friends, and trustworthy colleagues can help you to narrow your options based on their experiences. If they’ve enlisted a fee-only financial advisor or know someone who has, their input can help you evaluate the services and land on an ideal match. Professional referrals are also a reliable approach. From your lawyers or CPA, there is no shortage of reliable professionals that can help you find the best fee-only financial advisor. For instance, your lawyer might have interacted with various financial advisors, and with their connections, they can point you in the right direction. As you consider referrals, however, don’t blindly follow what everyone recommends; do your research as well to ensure that the service fits well within your needs, noting that your requirements might differ.

Search engine query

With a simple phrase such as “the best fee-only financial advisor near me,” you get a chance to explore a rich pool. While utilizing the search engine, the top considerations include the service’s credentials and reputation, as that’s how you separate capable financial advisors from amateurs who’ll only waste your time. Browse through a site, read the bios, and check out user testimonials to establish if they deliver as promised. Don’t stop there; check out independent review sites such as Yelp for a less-biased opinion.

Online databases

A quick online search exposes you to an extensive pool of services. However, this can be quite a time consuming and frustrating endeavor as you hop from one site to the next comparing their services. There is a solution, though; third-party online databases. The sites gather and maintain a list of fee-only financial advisors, easing your search quests. Among the top online resources that can help in fast-tracking your search includes NAPFA (The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) and FPA (The Financial Planning Association). The best part about turning to such resources is that they only list qualified and reputable professionals.

Enlisting a reliable and reputable fee-only financial advisor is your best bet as you work towards a secure financial future. With the above tips, you are a step closer to finding and hiring the best service that matches your situation.

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