Parting Ways with Your Financial Burden: 3 Steps Towards Consolidating Your Debt Once and for All

Debt can be crippling, and when we’re in a position where we owe a lot of money, it can be something that really hits your self-esteem and can cause countless problems in your life. What’s more, it tends to loom over every decision we make in our lives, making us feel defeated daily.

This is why so many people are determined to make 2019 the year they get out of debt and find themselves in a position of financial freedom. Have you got debts yourself? It’s time to get out of them. Today, we’re going to learn all about debt consolidating, and the steps you can take to help you make it work for you.

Step #1 – Taking Inventory

The absolute first step you need to take is making sure you’re taking inventory of the debts you have and pulling them all into one place. This means listing every account you have with debt, how much is pending in each account, and the deadlines (if any) for each one.

This way, you can see exactly how much debt you’re in and how much you’re going to need to take out to consolidate it all. Try to remember everything here, including overdrafts, credit cards, and student loans, and even phone contracts and personal ownings (to friends or parents, etc.) to help completely clear your debt.

Step #2 – Doing Your Research

The next step you’ll want to take is making sure you’re researching what options are out there for you and what solution will best work for you. A consolidation loan literally means taking out one loan and then paying off all the rest, allowing you to make a payment that pays off everything.

However, like all loans, this will come with terms and conditions, interest rates and due dates, which means you’re going to want to read up on what’s out there and what the best decision for you is. This means looking at what providers are out there and what they’re offering you and then finding the solution that works best for you.

Step #3 – Finding a Consolidation Loan That Works

Once you’re happy that you know what you’re looking for in terms of a consolidation loan, it’s time to choose the one that’s right for you, such as Wells Fargo consolidations loans. Hand in hand with the consideration above, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing one where you can make the payments back every month, and on time.

If you’re unable to make payments or have problems with the loan, this can seriously affect your credit score which will affect your ability to take out credit for many years to come. Be organized, be open with your provider, and the more steps ahead you can plan, the better off you’ll be.


If you’re in debt, then consolidating your loans should be a priority, especially if you want to seek financial freedom. With this weight off your shoulders, you can get your life back on track and have more freedom without having to worry about the concept of debt hanging over you as you go through your life.

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