RX, LX, or UX: Are You A Letter Man (or Woman)?

Consider the following when deciding whether to purchase a new or used Lexus: resell value, warranties, lease versus purchase options, personal wealth objectives, and service perks. You can’t go wrong with a Lexus, new or used.


The more popular brands of Lexus models include a wide selection of sedan, family cab, and sports utility type vehicles. Each possesses its own class of preferred amenities. The luxury Lexus sedan presents the most versatile purpose across the board. Its resell portfolio can be tailor-made to suit a new owner’s credit profile, individual or family needs, and daily travel plans. The availability of warranties rests with its maintenance and service history. With an expectation of unremarkable usage, dealerships and private sellers alike can suggest the most valuable warranties on a mileage per year basis. If you are considering a used Lexus, used car dealerships in Montgomery AL¬†might be a place to start.

Buying a brand new Lexus or a preowned Lexus will impact your finance options. Likewise, whether you are self-employed and purchasing for personal use, or buying for business use, it will influence the dealership’s range of flexibility of purchase or leasing terms. In so doing, you’ll want to plan out how your Lexus purchase will affect your investment portfolio, not only on an immediate basis, but daily and annually as well. Which acquisition terms will best suit your tax obligations? Will trading your car each year or two enhance your business or career reputation and how would that affect your business and/or personal credit¬†portfolios? Will you or your family have the time to take advantage of the service perks for Lexus sedan owners or will its purchase rend your household toward a hand-to-mouth financial status?


Two of the most popular Lexus sedan models are the IS and the ES Hybrid. Accordingly, they are more readily accessible in both the brand new and the preowned categories. However, you can expect a competitive bidding war when purchasing used models whereas dealership deals will present more flexible across the industry and state-to-state. Perhaps your deciding factor, in such cases, would be the length of time of expected ownership as projected for your personal wealth objectives. Ultimately, stellar maintenance of your Lexus vehicle will permit you to pass it on through the family line or, equally, resell it at a competitive price.

For the larger, busy family that finds itself hosting camping trips, BBQs, sports team outings, and home-school field trips, you will find the Lexus SUV and mini-van models most suitable. Along with the comfortable, stable ride, you will receive new purchase perks such as complimentary roadside assistance no matter where you and your loved ones may experience the need, VIP access and discounted pricing for live sporting events, hotel accommodations, restaurant reservations, winery visits, and live sporting and music events. Similarly, you can enjoy preferred airport service and club room access as a Lexus brand owner. Such elite service is made available to you and all of your travel companions during your trip. Remember, also, that you will experience ease of maintenance because you leave with four prescheduled service dates right at the time of purchase. You can ensure that the dealership schedules you in with consideration of your expected mileage, work, and vacation plans for the year.

The most popular Lexus SUV and mini-van models include the RX and the LX. The latter offers a greater seating space. Let the size of your family determine your selection. You will find similar elite service, amenities, and pricing options for both series. Watch for the impact in popularity that Lexus’ new UX model series may capture. Offering more technological assistance to the driver, such as variable rear-wheel power, lane crossover warning signals, and predictive deceleration, the new UX will stand apart from the LX and RX series. Perhaps we will see the millennials take favorably to it and some adventurous Xrs who have also managed to retire early.

A good way to make sure that your luxury Lexus purchase fits into your personal and family wealth planning is to review the expected growth of your family members and their future endeavors. For instance, do you have teenagers who will desire their own wheels soon and have they demonstrated responsible decision-making regarding travel and socializing with friends? Similarly, do you have any children who will attend a university soon? If so, will your child accept a school that is within or outside of the state of their permanent residence? Does the school permit a listing of more than one permanent address if divorce is an issue? Things are issues to consider. Whatever you decide, a beautiful Lexus is waiting for you to give you the ride of your life.

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