4 Smart Things to Do After Payday

If you’re a budgeting nerd like me, nothing beats payday. I derive such satisfaction from having a budget prepared and filling each line item on my budget with the incoming money from my paycheck. Money nerd, I know. But you don’t have to be a money nerd to take control of your finances in part by learning the smart things to do after payday. Some people may love payday because they have money...
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Things That Can And Can’t Be Controlled During Financial Troubles

financial troubles
Financial troubles are common, even when there is no global coronavirus emergency to contend with. There are plenty of things that can and can’t be controlled during financial troubles. While that is the most obvious statement in the history of writing about such things, some of your options in each of these areas may not be so obvious. Do you know how to take advantage of the things you can control...
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