Crowdfunding May Be the Only Good Thing to Come Out of the JOBS Act of 2012

crowd funding, JOBS Act 2012
There’s a new investment coming up from the ground level, that should interest both small businesses and people looking for new investment opportunities. The JOBS Act of 2012 is streamlining and liberalizing the process of crowdfunding, creating what could turn out to be the business and investment bonanza of the century. It may provide a way for both businesses and investors to bypass banks and...
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The Business of Crowdfunding ‘Three Pointers’ | Take Two

  Welcome to my second edition of “Three Pointers”.  I guess the first edition was well received, because this week I actually have 4 points of view, and this week I’ll be highlighting the Crowdfunding industry.  Ever heard of “crowdfunding”, it’s a term used to describe a process where an individual, a company, a 501 C3 and virtually anything in between, can...
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