How Soon After I am Injured do I have to File a Lawsuit? How Long Will I have to File a Claim?

This article is for people who’ve been injured in an accident and need help thinking through the next steps. Getting injured in a car accident can mean dealing with an enormous amount of pain and going to multiple doctor’s appointments. It can mean time missed away from work. You may even miss important once in a lifetime personal events after a crash. You have paid into the insurance system...
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9 Creative Ways to Contribute to a Political Campaign

political campaign, contributing to a campaign
When most people think of giving to a political campaign, they think about simply donating their money or their time. If both of those options bore you, here are 9 other ways to help your candidate succeed. All of the ideas listed below still count towards your total contribution to a candidate. The reason you may want to consult this list instead of just give cash is because these types of donations...
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