An Interview With Dr. Josh Umbehr, Real Life Medical Concierge Service Provider

Life Medical Concierge Service Provider , health care
In my quest to educate my readers about the future of our nations Health Care and the ways in which we as citizens (not politicians) can make it better, I am exploring concierge medical care.  I believe that the best Health Care in the world should be a private, consumer based model which is entirely what concierge medical care is.  In my previous post about Medical Conceirge Service, I referenced...
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Medical Concierge Service, Affordable And Unmatched Personal Service

Ever heard of Medical Concierge Services?  I hadn’t until recently, and from all indications it appears they have a pretty bright future.  Medical concierge is a term used by doctors who take no commercial insurance, Medicare or Medicaid payments, but they are for profit.  That’s right, they only except direct payments in cash.  No billing Blue Cross, Humana, or Medicare, they bill...
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