How to Construct a Minimal Wardrobe

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A minimal wardrobe is basically a capsule wardrobe with few extras. A minimal wardrobe does not seek constant expansion beyond its capsule items. What is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing, typically about 24 items, that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. A capsule wardrobe does not go beyond the basic necessities. A minimal wardrobe is similar. But...
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Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

I recently lived in a house that was about to go on the market. Obviously, the homeowner wanted to get the most bang for his buck. I helped him do so. The following post is a summation of the research I did. He bought the home for $120,000 and after sprucing it up, sold it for $179,000. He did own the house for about 6 years, but during that time the rest of the real estate market stayed pretty stagnate....
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There Can be Profit in Borrowing

profit in borrowing, investment profit, loaning, loan investment
There is little point in borrowing money for the sake of it. Interest rates are low and those who subscribe to the ‘feel good’ factor that has returned in US Society may be tempted to look at how cheap money can be made to grow. There may be a risk or two involved in investment yet as part of a strategy to build up personal assets and even provide for retirement the growth may well be greater than...
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Save Money by Using Free Online Word Processors

free word processor, free online word processor
Buying the Microsoft Office Suite is pretty expensive. The same story goes for Mac software. Whenever something is expensive, I always ask myself if it’s really necessary. I do a fair share of freelance writing so I use word processors quite a bit. And I’m here to say, buying a word processor isn’t necessary. So unnecessary, I may uninstall the Microsoft Office suite from my PC just...
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Crowdfunding Tips for a Successful Campaign

crowdfunding tips
Crowdfunding Tips: An Intro to Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is about telling a story. It’s much like creating an elevator speech. You want it to cover yourself, your idea, and the people who will be affected by your idea. You must be entertaining and informative. Online crowd funding also has another requirement – you must do all of this very quickly! This article will give an overview of how crowdfunding...
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